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    Electric furnace technical information

    1. When removing the zinc block in the furnace and building the furnace material, the coil must be kept intact.

    2, due to the use of iron smelting zinc, the furnace floor furnace material only plays the role of supporting sputum, such as furnace bottom furnace material is not damaged or damaged is not serious, can not remove the bottom of the furnace, with the bottom of the furnace to repair the materials to the drawings The standard size can be. If there is a gap between the bottom of the furnace and the coil, it can be filled with the knotting material; if the material of the furnace floor is damaged, it must be re-knotted. Note that the thickness of the new knotted bottom is larger than the original drawing. Reduce 30 mm (30 mm due to thickness) or knot in new dimensions.

    3. A layer of asbestos cloth must be placed inside the coil before the bottom of the furnace is repaired or knotted.

    4. After the bottom of the furnace is repaired or knotted, the hoe will be hoisted and leveled, and the center of the should coincide with the center of the coil.

    5. The gap between the crucible and the coil is filled with quartz sand without knotting.

    6, 栫椁 along the above furnace surface according to the map repair.

    7, due to the use of iron shovel, no need to oven, can be directly produced.                                                                

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