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    Electric furnace technical information

      The induction heating furnace is composed of a water cooler, an intermediate frequency power supply, a capacitor cabinet, an induction heating furnace, a loading mechanism, a pushing mechanism, a reclaiming mechanism, and a discharging mechanism.

    Prepare before starting up.

    The operator first checks the lubrication status of each component.

    Check whether the waterway valves are open and the water level is qualified. Then turn on the power and start the water-water cooler to check the water pressure gauge.

    Check the air pressure of each gas path branch, whether the pipeline has a pressure of 0.6MPA. Is it smooth?

    Boot up.

    The operator hoist the unheated workpiece to the loading roller. After the feeding roller conveys the workpiece to the electromagnetic chuck on the loading table, the proximity switch action sends a signal to the PLC, and the electromagnetic chuck is under the action of the cylinder. Drop and turn on the power to generate magnetic force, absorb a workpiece, (here can be manually operated by manual button), the cylinder rises to the appropriate height, so that the sucking workpiece is separated from the code point and the workpiece is moved forward to the top of the blanking point under the action of the cylinder. The cylinder is lowered and the electromagnetic chuck is powered off to cause the workpiece to fall to the blanking point, so that the first take-up is completed. The pushing mechanism pushes the workpiece into the induction furnace under the action of the cylinder. At this time, the intermediate frequency power supply is started to heat the workpiece. When the workpiece is heated to the required temperature, the pushing mechanism pushes the new workpiece to be heated into the furnace, and pushes the heated workpiece out of the furnace, and places it on the quick lifting mechanism. Under this action, the heated workpiece is quickly advanced to the discharge platform and accurately positioned, and then taken by the buyer's take-up device.


    To maintain good lubrication of each rotating sliding part, each shift must be oiled once.

    Each grounding conductor should be inspected frequently to keep the contacts grounded.

    Always check the fastening bolts for looseness.

    Check the oil volume of the gearbox regularly. If it is lower than the liquid level, it should be replenished in time.

    Always inspect the pipes and connecting hoses. If there is any breakage, it should be replaced in time. If the water level of the water tank is too low, it should be replenished in time.

    After the water in the spare tank is used up, it should be replenished with water in time.

    Safety technical requirements.

    Identify and train full-time operators, and untrained personnel must not be on the job.

    When the cooling water pressure and water temperature exceed the set value, the fault must be removed before continuing operation.

    The spare tank must have water for emergency.

    The grounding protection shall comply with the relevant provisions of the "Code for Designing Grounding of Industrial and Civil Power Equipment".

    For other protections, operators should wear personal protective equipment such as insulated gloves, insulated shoes, protective caps, etc., and protect them from moisture and moisture to prevent accidents from electric shock. When repairing the power supply, capacitor cabinet and furnace, the power supply should be cut and the live working is prohibited.


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