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    Electric furnace technical information

    Technical Parameters

    The maximum diameter of the workpiece is 1200mm

    The maximum length of the workpiece is 6000mm

    product description

    This product has strong bearing capacity (piece weight up to several tens of tons, workpiece length up to six meters), continuous quenching, segmental continuous quenching and other functions, mainly suitable for surface quenching of heavy-duty rolls and long and coarse shaft parts. The machine has a manual-automatic operation for single and batch parts production. The operation is simple, the function is complete, the structure is reasonable, and the installation and debugging are convenient.

    The machine can be used directly with medium frequency power supply and super audio power supply. The control system adopts PLC, the workpiece rotates and moves with frequency conversion speed regulation, and the speed is steplessly adjustable. The roll quenching process is completed with two sets of variable frequency induction heating equipment, one set of power frequency power supply is used for preheating the roll, and the other set of intermediate frequency power supply is used for quenching the roll, the power of which is determined by the roll diameter.

    Feature advantage

    Two sets of induction heating power sources are used, which are significantly improved than the hardness uniformity of the single intermediate frequency quenching method and the depth of the hardened layer.


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