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    Electric furnace technical information

    Pay attention to the repair and maintenance business of induction melting furnace

    It is important that the induction melting furnace is broken and repaired, but it is mainly based on prevention. What is prevention is to do maintenance work. As a crystallization of high-tech products, induction melting furnaces also have a problem of use. If they are used well, they can bring productivity to the enterprise. If they are used improperly, the trouble can be big. In a certain unit, there are dozens of induction melting furnaces, and many brands are also mixed. Induction melting furnaces are often bad, and one bad affects production. It is very urgent and urgent. Their original idea was to find a credible unit for quick repair. Another method is to buy a large number of identical induction melting furnaces. Once it is broken, immediately put the spare equipment on top. After a period of repairs and field visits, the engineers in the repair center found that they still lacked the maintenance and maintenance problems. They took the initiative to carry out maintenance work for their induction melting furnaces, and maintained maintenance for a year and replaced the vulnerable parts. This unit's induction melting furnace is rarely damaged, saving maintenance costs, and also saving the cost of purchasing the standby machine. More importantly, it is beneficial to the normal operation of the equipment and supports production.

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    Tel:18037961302 Sales hot line ( 24 hours service): 18037961302
    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan