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    Electric furnace technical information

    Steel melting induction furnace water stop emergency plan

    1. Purpose: To strengthen on-site technical management, standardize the melting operation of steel melting induction furnace, and prevent safety accidents.

    2. Phenomenon: The steel melting induction furnace suddenly stops water, and the melting furnace water pressure gauge sends a signal to automatically cut off the power of the steel melting induction furnace to send out an alarm signal. Subsequently, the induction copper tube is baked by high-temperature molten iron to form a buzzing sound that occurs when the temperature of the cooling water rises sharply to generate steam.

    3. Reason: Sudden power failure or cooling water pump burned out.

    4. Hazard: Water stoppage can cause the insulating paint on the induction copper tube to burn or deform, or the sharply generated high-pressure steam account can break the cooling water hose.

    5. Treatment: The water pump burns off the total inlet valve of the cooling water system, opens the spare water pump or the emergency cooling water tank valve, quickly starts the generating unit when the power is cut off or opens the emergency cooling water tank valve to ensure the cooling water supply of the induction coil. The water supply pressure is 01. 0.16Mpa, and ensure that the cooling water supplies water to the induction coil for 2 to 4 hours.

    6. Prevention: Check the temperature of the cooling water pump and do the communication with the power supply system.

    7. Rescue measures: Immediately close the cooling water pump valve that has been burnt out or power outage, and open the emergency water tank valve or generator set.

    8. Emergency steps:

    1 Turn off the power of the burned or de-cooled cooling water pump motor.

    2 Close the burned or de-energized cooling water pump valve.

    3 Open the emergency tank valve or standby generator set connected to the steel melting induction furnace.

    4 The shift supervisor informed the dispatcher in time, the workshop director, to find out the reason, and resume the normal water supply, restart the steel melting induction furnace according to the operating procedures.

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