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    Electric furnace technical information

    1. Purpose:

    Strengthen on-site technical management, standardize the melting operation of iron melting induction furnaces, and prevent safety accidents.

    2, phenomenon:

    2.1 Iron melting induction furnace sudden power failure, should check whether the coil cooling water is normal, if not normal, according to the water emergency plan to ensure that the cooling water is normal.

    2.2, notify the workshop director, workshop director, and squad leader to understand the cause and time of the power outage, and then take the following measures:

    A: Within 4 hours of power failure, cover the furnace mouth with asbestos cloth, do a good job of heat preservation, and then use the power of 100-200KW for heating and melting after returning to normal.

    B: The power failure is more than 4 hours. In order to avoid the solidification of the molten iron in the furnace and destroy the lining, all the molten iron should be poured out, and the asbestos cloth should be used for heat preservation. After the fault is removed, the iron melting induction furnace can be restarted.

    C: If the control power supply is also powered off, the manual operation is used to pour the molten iron. (If there is no manual operation, the molten iron cannot be poured out), the heat preservation work should be done until the normal power transmission, the iron melting induction furnace is started according to the operating procedures. The low power is raised, the furnace temperature is above 900 C, and the molten iron is melted at a constant speed with high power. It is strictly prohibited to directly melt with high power to prevent the molten iron in the furnace from cracking the furnace lining.

    D: After the furnace is finished, the lining changes should be carefully observed. If the lining has worn surfaces or cracks, the lining should be repaired or dismantled.

    E: For the melting furnace where the power failure occurs, the pre-furnace work should be strengthened. First, it is necessary to manually test whether the alarm system is normal, and compare the alarm system coefficient with the pre-accident. When the alarm coefficient increases, the change can be changed. Furnace production.

    3, Reason:

          Iron melting induction furnace sudden power outage

    4. Hazard:

          If a long-term blackout occurs in molten iron, it will cause the molten iron to solidify and damage the lining.

    5. Processing:

          Short-term power outage (30 minutes - 1 hour) can be insulated with asbestos cloth. After the fault is removed, restart the furnace. If the power is cut off for a long time (1 hour - 3 hours), all molten iron must be melted. Pour out to prevent the molten iron from solidifying and destroying the lining.

    6, prevention:

          Do a good job of communicating with the power supply department and carefully check the power supply system for abnormal phenomena.

    7. Rescue measures:

          The emergency step of power failure with the iron melting induction furnace: 2 is consistent with the second phenomenon.

    8. Emergency steps:

    A,. Inform the workshop director, workshop director, and squad leader to understand the cause and time of the power outage.

    B. The power failure did not exceed 2 hours, and the smelted molten iron insulation work could be done with asbestos cloth.

    C. If the power is cut off for more than 2 hours, all the molten iron must be poured out.

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