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     Inductive furnace sensor cross-sectional shape and different uses, the sensor can be divided into spiral sensor, slit sensor, flat circular sensor, profiled sensor and magnetized sensor.

        1. Spiral sensor.

    The spiral sensor is the most used medium frequency sensor and can be used to heat round, square or rectangular sections. The induction coil is usually wound with a square or rectangular pure copper tube, and the coil is supported by a longitudinal wooden strip, and the ends of the wooden strip are screwed to the cement asbestos board.

    2. Sewing the sensor.

    The seam sensor is used to heat the end of the blank. If the length l of the heated end of the blank is less than 4 times the diameter d of the blank, i.e., l < 4d, the seam sensor can be used. The efficiency of the sewing sensor is drastically reduced because the longer end is heated.

    3, flat round sensor.

    The flat circular sensor has a spiral coil, but its cross section is oblate, and the coil is pressed by two end plates. The flat circular sensor is suitable for heating the sheet material and can also be used to heat the longer end (compared to the blank diameter) of the blank end, and the heating temperature uniformity and efficiency are better than the sewing sensor.

    4. Shaped sensor.

    The opposite-sense sensor is designed according to the special shape of the blank and belongs to a special sensor of a certain product. Like the crankshaft heating sensor, the hub bearing sensor, the brake cam sensor, etc., all belong to the opposite sex sensor.

    5. A sensor with a magnetizer.

    In order to reduce the magnetic reluctance and magnetic leakage of air, improve the efficiency of the inductor, and reduce the power consumption, a magnetizer stacked on a silicon steel sheet can be added to the inductor, usually when using a power frequency current for thermoforming and heat treatment induction heating. Use this sensor. Due to the high magnetic field strength of the power frequency sensor, the vibration is relatively severe. The inductor for the power frequency induction heating should be pressed tightly to reduce the vibration and avoid damage to the insulation layer of the induction coil.

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