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    Electric furnace technical parameters
        Medium frequency induction furnace maintenance inquiry process and method
    The fault that causes the intermediate frequency furnace may be just one electrical and electronic component. The most important thing for the maintenance personnel is to find the electrical and electronic components that have failed. It is necessary to carry out inspection and measurement and make a comprehensive analysis to make judgments in order to deal with the faults in a targeted manner. To minimize useless disassembly, especially to minimize the number of times you use the soldering iron.
    In addition to experience, it is necessary to have the correct inspection method. The correct method can help the maintenance personnel to narrow the scope of detection from the inside and the inside, from the complex to the simple, and finally find the fault and repair it properly.
    1. Inquiry process and method
        From the experience of repairing the intermediate frequency furnace, the high-power devices, high-power devices, power supply parts and corresponding drive parts have higher damage frequency, and various fault phenomena appear, and their corresponding electronic circuits related. The maintenance process of the intermediate frequency furnace is the process of finding the corresponding fault point. In the maintenance process, we should adhere to the principle of taking people as the mainstay and equipment as the supplement, giving full play to people's subjective initiative, reducing maintenance costs, analyzing the circuit principle, timing relationship, and work process from fault phenomena, and finding out various possible faults. Point, and then with some maintenance testing equipment, determine the fault point, determine the faulty components, and then find the corresponding components to replace, so that the equipment restores its inherent performance indicators, the intermediate frequency furnace repair process includes the following aspects.
    (l) Ask the user about the fault phenomenon of the intermediate frequency furnace, including changes in the external environment before and after the fault occurs, such as abnormal fluctuations in the power supply and changes in the load.
    (2) Analyze the cause of such failure according to the user's self-discovery fault description.
    (3) Open the faulty intermediate frequency furnace casing, confirm the procedure of repairing the intermediate frequency furnace, and analyze the feasibility of maintenance recovery.
    (4) According to the working position of the damaged component, analyze the working principle of the circuit, find out the cause of the damaged component, and some related electronic circuits.
    (5) Find related components for replacement.
    (6) In the case of determining that all possible causes of the fault are eliminated, the power is tested. When doing this step, all external conditions are generally required and the fault is not further expanded.
    (7) In the case of normal operation of the intermediate frequency furnace, the system debugging of the intermediate frequency furnace can be performed.

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