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    Electric furnace repair

    Two aluminum alloy half-turns are assembled into two aluminum half furnace shells to insulate each other


    1. Causes of aluminum Aluminum light Aluminum conductivity is good When the furnace ring is connected to high frequency electricity, magnetic flux is generated to generate eddy current in the middle of the aluminum shell.


    The magnetic flux is out-diffused. The magnetic flux is compressed to the vicinity of the furnace body. The near-magnetic flux density of the furnace ring is high. The melting of molten iron is also fast.


    Interfering with people and home appliances


    2. The reason for the two halves If the aluminum shell is a whole, it seems that a coil with a small resistance crosses the outside of the furnace ring.


    Direct short circuit of the secondary turns of the press, making the no-load current large, high power consumption, low efficiency of the whole furnace


    3. Separate open method Separated by asbestos board Tightened with copper bolts and insulated with copper shackles and aluminum shells


    4. The two ground support seats are preferably connected with no conductive material between the cements. If the steel bars are used, it is equal to the short circuit of the two aluminum half furnace shells.


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    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan