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    Electric furnace technical parameters

    Medium frequency quenching equipment quenching transformer offer


    It is made up of Mn-Zn-2000 high-saturation ferrite blocks.

    The coils have overlapping turns with more variations. The original secondary side can be arbitrarily composed of various turns ratios as needed. To adapt to different users and different load matching.

    The coil part is sealed with epoxy resin to ensure the seismic performance of the transformer and improve the service life.

    Working conditions

    This product is a single-phase, water-cooled, indoor unit. The installation site has an altitude of no more than 1000 meters, the ambient temperature is + 2 <C ~ 40 <C, and the relative temperature does not exceed 85 %. The adapted cooling water cannot have a mechanical mixture. Its cleanliness is the same as that of drinking water, and the hardness of cold water does not exceed 10 hardness. The inlet water temperature does not exceed 30 <C, the outlet water temperature does not exceed 50 <C, the water pressure is 0.1Mpa - 0.2Mpa , and the total water consumption is about 20T/n . It is recommended to use circulating water.


    Single order price


    KW )


    (length width height)




    260*260*2 5 0

    4 800


    270 * 270 * 250

    3 900


    300 * 260 *240

    5 000



    6 800



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