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    Electric furnace technical parameters

    01 In the course of use, when it is necessary to stop the furnace for a long time due to malfunction or the like, the molten iron in the furnace should be emptied to avoid the lining damage caused by the cracking of the lining when the molten iron condenses; when the molten iron cannot be poured, and the molten iron It has been condensed. When it is not possible to judge whether the lining is intact, the furnace should be dismantled for safety.


    02 When cooling off the furnace, in order to avoid quenching of the lining, empty furnace cooling should be carried out. At the same time, in order to avoid cracks in the lining during the cooling process, the furnace cover should be covered to make the lining uniform and uniform during cooling. The life of the stove.


    03 Vertical cracks are inevitable due to furnace cooling. Therefore, when the cold furnace is started, the furnace should be cooled at a low temperature, and then melted, so that the crack can be firstly bridged, and the crack is further infiltrated when the molten iron is melted to further expand the crack.


    04 Pay attention to the condition of the furnace during the use of the furnace. Observing the furnace condition is a kind of protection for the furnace. Every 3 days, the bottom of the furnace is measured, and the furnace wall is observed every day, thus ensuring the safety of the furnace lining.


    05 Maintenance and maintenance of electric furnace equipment. If the coil is often purged, the debris on the coil is cleaned to prevent the coil from breaking down, thereby avoiding the furnace dismantling caused by equipment failure, and effectively improving the service life of the crucible.


    06 Because the sintered layer of the new furnace is thin, the process of using the new furnace is very important. The first furnace of the new furnace water discharge should be 50%, that is, the feed is melted, so as to avoid the defects such as cracks caused by the addition of the whole water after the water is discharged; the new furnace is continuously smelted as much as possible to avoid the intermittent melting and the heat generation. The crack should generally be continuously melted for 1 week; when using the new furnace, avoid the strong impact on the bottom and the furnace wall when cutting, and avoid the lining peeling and cracking which occur under strong impact. Therefore, in order to obtain the age of the furnace, the furnace technology in the early stage of the furnace should be completed.


    07 Avoid high temperature melting during the smelting process. In the high temperature state, the lining will react with the molten iron, as follows: SiO2+2CSi+2CO. The higher the temperature, the higher the C and the lower the Si, the erosion of the lining will be intensified, especially in the new furnace. Obviously, therefore, the temperature should be avoided as much as possible at the temperature of the water at the time of melting, and the outlet temperature is 1490 C to 1540 C, but it is generally controlled at 1490 C to 1520 C during the smelting process; it is worth mentioning that the power is turned off after the water is discharged. Keep warm at a lower temperature, and then raise the temperature according to the temperature of the previous water when preparing the water.

    Temperature, which can reduce the erosion of high temperature molten iron on the furnace lining, prolong the service life of the lining and reduce power consumption, which is a good method to improve the furnace age and reduce power consumption.


    08 Avoid overheating the lining. Because the heating rate of the intermediate frequency furnace is quite fast, when the smelter pays no attention, the furnace material will have a "bridge" phenomenon, and the lining will have a local high temperature or even exceed the refractoriness of the lining, which may cause the lining to melt and be damaged; or when the furnace is in front of the furnace When the work is not paying attention, when the melting temperature is too high, the lining may be melted and eroded; this will greatly reduce the service life of the lining. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to it during the melting process. For example, the melting work should be diligent and the furnace work. Keep the temperature of the molten iron at any time according to the color of the molten iron to ensure the safety of the lining.

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