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    Electric furnace technical parameters

    1. KGPS medium frequency induction heating power supply: KK type thyristor is used as the inverter bridge inverter device to provide the power required for heating the end of the oil pipe.

    2. Capacitor cabinet: Install the tank resonant capacitor, and form a parallel resonant circuit together with the heating inductor. The feeding copper bus is connected between the capacitor cabinet and the heating power source to reduce the influence of lead inductance.

    3. Inductor: The end of the tubing is heated by a circular inductor. The inductor is equipped with an insulating bushing. The inductor completes the power transmission required for the end heating of the tubing, and forms a parallel resonant loop together with the tank resonant capacitor. The sensor mounting position enables manual adjustment and quick change in 3D direction.

    4. Inductor drive system: The sensor is fixed on the wire board and mounted on the guide rail. The cylinder pushes the sensor forward/backward, and the sensor transmission system is installed on the trolley.

    5. Water-cooled cable: Complete the feed soft connection between the output copper feeder of the capacitor cabinet and the inductor.

    6. Feed copper busbar: complete the soft connection of the heating power supply to the capacitor cabinet, and connect the copper busbar and the water-cooled cable between the capacitor cabinet and the sensor to meet the manual when replacing the press die or repair. The trolley will be introduced to the requirements of 2500mm.

    7. Operation console: Provide external control operation of medium frequency induction heating power supply, and install temperature monitoring instrument, voltage and current meter.

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