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    Industrial electric furnace technical information

    The shape, size, number of turns, workpiece material, coupling position of the workpiece heating part and the inductor will affect the heating effect and the actual output power. When inductive heating of magnetic workpieces such as steel, the 2 to 4 ring sensor is preferred. When materials with poor magnetic permeability such as copper and aluminum are heated by induction, the number of inductor turns is increased. Generally, the larger the diameter of the inductor and the heavier the load (the larger or larger the workpiece behind the wall), the inductor ring The smaller the number, the smaller the diameter of the inductor and the lighter the load (small workpiece or thin-walled workpiece), the number of turns can be increased appropriately. In principle, as long as the induction heating device can be started normally, if the number of turns is used, More sensors will make the induction heating equipment load heavier, affecting the service life of the induction heating equipment, please pay attention to the user.

    The distance between the inductor and the workpiece should be selected according to the specific heating process. The magnetic field strength at different positions of the induction coil is different, and the field strength near the induction coil is often the largest. Therefore, in order to make the workpiece instantaneously heated to the quenching temperature during quenching, Should choose a smaller spacing, about 2 - 3mm; and for annealing, pre-heating before heating, etc., in order to make the workpiece evenly heated and slowly heated, you should choose a larger spacing, greater than 10mm. Select the sensor spacing When considering the heating position, workpiece pick-and-place position and other factors. The induction coil is too long, it will affect the heating effect. When heating, in principle, the workpiece should not touch the coil. But sometimes due to magnetic force or other reasons, the workpiece may also Contact with the sensor. When contacting the single-turn coil, it has no effect on the induction heating device. If the workpiece touches two or more turns, the sensor will be short-circuited, reducing the number of turns and causing the machine to over-current. Therefore, Try to avoid contact with the sensor when the workpiece is heated.

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    Tel:18037961302 Sales hot line ( 24 hours service): 18037961302
    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan