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    Electric furnace technical information

    Fault phenomenon: There is no reaction when the intermediate frequency furnace of the intermediate frequency furnace starts. After observation, the phase loss indicator on the control circuit board is on.

    Mid-frequency furnace fault analysis and processing: This fault phenomenon is more obvious, caused by the following reasons:

    1) Fast-blow fuse--General fast-blow fuses have blown indications. You can judge whether the fuses are blown by observing their indications, but sometimes they are not indicated or indicated due to the use of fast-acting fuses for too long or quality reasons. Be clear, use a multimeter to measure after power off.

    The treatment method is: replace the fast fuse and analyze the cause of the blow. There are two reasons why a fast fuse is generally blown:


    1) The intermediate frequency furnace operates under the conditions of long time high power and high current, which causes the fast fuse to heat up and fuse the fuse.


    The failure of the intermediate frequency furnace rectification control circuit causes instantaneous large current surge. The rectifier circuit should be checked.


    The rectified load or the intermediate frequency load is short-circuited, causing an instantaneous large current surge, burning the fast fuse and checking its load circuit.

    2) The contact of the main switch is burned out or the front-end power supply system has a phase loss fault - measure the line voltage of each stage with the multimeter's AC voltage file to determine the fault location.

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