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    Electric furnace technical information

    A . Initial investment:    

    The investment in the early stage of the cupola is about 100,000 yuan, and the investment in the medium frequency furnace is about 250,000 (including the investment of 500 or 630KVA transformers and power distribution cabinets required for 1 ton of furnace ).

    Two . Material Cost Control:    

    1. Fuel: cupola cost (coke) 320 yuan / ton of molten iron; medium frequency furnace cost (mainly based on electricity costs, large industrial electricity valley price of 0.139 yuan; parity of 0.382 yuan; peak price of 0.625 yuan) detailed costs are as follows:


    Use of electricity (ton hot metal)

    Basic electricity bill (ton hot metal)


    (ton hot metal)

    Comparison of electricity and coke costs

    (tons of product)


    Electricity fee (valley price)

    139 yuan

    65 yuan

    204 yuan

    -278 yuan

    The average electricity bill refers to the average price of the parity and the peak price.

    Electricity fee (parity)

    382 yuan

    65 yuan

    447 yuan

    305 yuan

    Electricity fee (peak price)

    625 yuan

    65 yuan

    690 yuan

    888 yuan

    Electricity fee (average price)

    503 yuan

    65 yuan

    568 yuan

    595 yuan

    Coke cost



    320 yuan



    1. Repair furnace cost: cupola cost 30 yuan / ton of molten iron; medium frequency furnace cost 10 yuan / ton of molten iron. Compared with the medium frequency furnace, the cost of the cupola is about 50 yuan.

    Three . Labor:    

    The cupola operation requires 5 people, and the intermediate frequency furnace operation requires 2 people.

    IV . : Advantages of the intermediate frequency furnace    

    1. The hot metal temperature is high and the molten iron element is easy to control. There is no shortage of pour and pitting in the product, which can greatly improve the yield of the product and reduce the cost.

    2. The loss of iron and auxiliary materials is small, and the input of silicon and ferromanganese can be reduced by adding pig iron to reduce the cost.

    3. Unaffected by the operators, many people can cast less and reduce the technical requirements of the operators.

    4. Small pollution and environmental protection.

    Five . The disadvantages of the intermediate frequency furnace:    

    1. The initial investment is large and the income is slow.

    2. Only one ton of molten iron can be opened per furnace . According to the current output, 10 tons of molten iron per day , it is necessary to open 10 furnaces or more without stopping .

    Six . Long-term consideration:    

    1. With the continuous improvement of environmental protection requirements, the cupola must be eliminated, and the intermediate frequency furnace is an inevitable trend.

    2. The price of coke is getting higher and higher, and the relative electricity bill tends to be stable.

    3. The medium frequency furnace can melt a variety of grades of iron and various metals, such as high-profit sporadic orders or large projects can be modified at any time.




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