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    Electric furnace technical information

    The forging furnace is used for metal heating during press working such as forging, pressing, rolling, etc., and is called a forging furnace.

    The medium frequency diathermy furnace is a medium frequency forging heating furnace, which is a type of furnace in a forging furnace.

    Forging furnaces can be divided into two categories: fuel furnaces (flame furnaces) and electric heating furnaces.

    Among them: fuel forging furnaces include: coal stoves, coke ovens, oil furnaces, artificial gas furnaces and natural gas furnaces.

    Electric heating forging furnaces include: electric resistance furnaces and medium frequency induction heating furnaces.

    The intermediate frequency forging furnace is composed of an intermediate frequency power source and a furnace body.

    The intermediate frequency power supply is a power supply device that converts the power frequency 50HZ alternating current into an intermediate frequency (300HZ or more to 20K HZ). The three-phase power frequency alternating current can be rectified to become direct current, and then the direct current is converted into an adjustable intermediate frequency current, and the intermediate frequency alternating current flowing through the capacitor and the induction coil is supplied to generate a high-density magnetic line in the induction coil. And cutting the metal material contained in the induction coil, creating a large eddy current in the metal material. This eddy current flows in the metal body with electrical resistance to generate heat to heat the metal.

    The characteristics of the medium frequency forging heating furnace are: compared with the general forged flame furnace, the heating speed is fast, the production efficiency is high, the heating is uniform, the core table temperature difference is small, the oxidative decarburization is less, the material is saved, the working environment is good, and the production cost is low. Suitable for high volume die forging production and precision forging.

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