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    Electric furnace technical parameters

    Main frequency and technical parameters of intermediate frequency melting furnace

    The intermediate frequency melting furnace is a frequency conversion device that converts the three-phase power frequency current into a single-phase intermediate frequency current, and causes the metal to generate eddy current loss by electromagnetic field induction, thereby achieving the purpose of heat generation and melting. Used for smelting, heating, heat preservation and forging, sintering, hot rolling, and through-tube heat treatment of black or non-ferrous metals and alloy materials such as steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, nickel, gold and silver. Mainly used in the foundry melting industry.

    Medium frequency melting furnace performance characteristics

    1. It adopts zero voltage scanning soft start mode, which can be started or stopped at any time under any state, and has no impact on the power supply.

    2. Rapid smelting and low production cost; low pollution and environmental protection requirements.

    3. It can be directly melted from the cold furnace, and the solution can be completely emptied. It is convenient to replace the melt.

    4. The power adjustment is flexible, convenient, and can be continuously and smoothly adjusted; the temperature is uniform and easy to control, the oxidation loss is small, and the metal composition is uniform.

    5. The furnace shell adopts cast aluminum alloy or steel shell structure, and the floor space is small; the furnace body is easy to turn over and tilt, and electric, manual, hydraulic and other tilting furnace methods can be selected according to needs.

    6. The automatic adjustment circuit of the inverter angle is designed, which can automatically adjust the matching of the load impedance. The device can be operated in a good working state without adjusting the compensation capacity. The power supply system has the function of diagnosis error and is easy to overhaul.

    Main model and technical parameters

    Parameter Description

    1. Melting time and ton of electricity consumption are related to factors such as equipment power, material shape, material weight, and worker proficiency.

    2. One power supply for the equipment; two sets of furnace body; one capacitor cabinet; two reducers; two water cooling cables.

    3. The above is the standard product data, and can design different powers and non-standard products with different melting speeds according to user needs.

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