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    Electric furnace technical information

    It is the specification of the furnace body, that is, the tonnage. The intermediate frequency furnace generally has 0.25T, 0.35T, 0.5T, 0.75T, 1T, 2T, 3T, 5T, 10T, etc.

    Aluminum shell 250KG medium frequency induction furnace is medium frequency coreless induction melting furnace (non-vacuum). It can be controlled by silicon static medium frequency power supply for induction and heating of copper, aluminum, stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals. Generally, it is divided into furnace capacity. There are two kinds of aluminum shell structure and steel shell type structure. The aluminum shell type structure generally adopts a tilting machine-powered tilting furnace method (there are also a few hydraulic tilting furnaces), and the steel shell type structure generally adopts a hydraulically powered tilting furnace method.

    The main technical parameters

    Power supply voltage three-phase 380V

    Power frequency 50HZ

    IF voltage 1000V

    IF frequency 1500HZ

    Working temperature 1600 C

    Cooling water inlet pressure 0.15~0.2Mpa

    How large transformer does the 250KG IF induction furnace need?

    The power of the intermediate frequency power supply used in the 250KG medium frequency induction furnace determines the power. The ordinary melting power is 160 kW, and the smelting is 250 kW. If you want to faster, you can increase the power to 360kW. The general foundry requires fast smelting, which is 250kW (1kW per kilogram of molten iron) so you can consider a transformer of 160-250KVA.

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