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    Electric furnace principle
        Why should the IF induction furnace be equipped with a complete water cooling system?
    The water cooling system is a key part of the medium frequency induction furnace installation. When the entire equipment is in operation, a lot of heat is generated due to the load loss of the IF busbars, water-cooled cables, inductors, reactors, and medium-band power supplies carrying large current components. The heat generated by the induction coil resistance accounts for about 20% of the rated power of the electric furnace. The charge also transfers a considerable amount of heat to the induction coil. Therefore, a reliable water cooling device must be provided to take away the heat to ensure the normal operation of the whole system. run.
    There are several types of cooling systems: 1. Closed circulation of cooling towers; 2. Open circulation of cooling towers; 3. Double cooling system of heat exchangers

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    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan