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    Electric furnace technical information
        Medium frequency furnace maintenance personnel safety precautions
    A.4.2.1 Master the maintenance procedures.
    A.4.2.2 Be familiar with the smelting system and its hazardous areas before performing any maintenance work.
    A.4.2.3 Do not touch the circuit or  before connecting the main circuit breaker to the off position.
    A.4.2.4 Two independent modes are used to support the induction furnace when working on or near the inclined induction furnace. The operator is not allowed to stand on the furnace panel before starting the induction furnace.
    A.4.2.5 The first-class test equipment must be used for inspection and follow the instructions provided by the test equipment manufacturer.
    A.4.2.6 Warning
    A. Do not touch the live hot joint end of the induction furnace.
    A. Ensure that the exposed induction furnace connections are always properly insulated (or isolated).
    A. Use a suitable safety indication for high steady-state voltages caused by faulty operating conditions, normal currents, or high transient voltages and currents.
    A. At the present time of breakdown or over-current, be wary of the occurrence of electric heating surfaces, wires, cables or other relevant conditions such as surface heat, roughness or burrs.
    A. Take care in the vicinity of high voltage lines, connectors and equipment. Do not tighten or loosen the coupling head, joint gaskets, and gauges after the system is pressurized.
    A. In the smelting system, cracked wires, loose or cracked parts, components with water seepage or electrical failure shall not be actuated, and the fault shall be activated before starting.
    A. Water supply or supply valves and feed valves should be opened fairly slowly to avoid sudden pressure on lines, tanks or accelerators.
    A. The smelting system equipment of Zhenwu Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. of Suzhou Industrial Park is equipped with safety devices or interlocks. Do not damage or bypass unless specifically repaired.
    A. Induction furnace maintenance should ensure that the power is not turned on or off. If the power supply is used in several induction furnaces, when maintaining the induction furnace, disconnect the connecting cables connecting the two ends of the induction furnace and ground the coil.

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    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan