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    Electric furnace technical information

    What are the safety precautions for induction melting furnace maintenance?

    A.4.3.1 Induction furnaces and their power supplies are high-voltage devices whose routine work involves high and low voltage control with currents from less than 1A to thousands of amps. This equipment should be considered a system with a shock hazard, so the following safety guidelines should always be kept in mind:

    A.4.3.2 Maintenance and repair of equipment, instruments and control circuits shall only be carried out by qualified personnel who understand the shockand trained in the required safety precautions to avoid possible injury accidents.

    A.4.3.3 When measuring a circuit in the presence of a shock hazard, it is not allowed to be operated by a single person. There should be concern in the vicinity of engaging or about to perform such measurements.

    A.4.3.4 Do not touch objects that may provide a current path to the test circuit common line or power line. Be sure to stand on a dry, insulated floor to withstand or buffer the measured voltage.

    A.4.3.5 Hand, shoe, floor and service work areas must be kept dry to avoid measurement in wet or other work environments that can affect the insulation of the joint or measuring mechanism that is subject to the measured voltage.

    A.4.3.6 For maximum safety, do not touch the test connector or measuring mechanism after the power is turned on.

    A.4.3.7 Do not use a test instrument that is less safe than the original measuring instrument recommended by the measuring instrument manufacturer.

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