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    Induction Heating Related Products

    1. Steel tube induction heating furnace without load test

    The purpose of the no-load test is to demonstrate the stability, adaptability and reliability of the contract equipment in manual and automatic mode operation without product processing.

    After the installation and commissioning, the unloaded test shall be carried out on site immediately under the supervision of Party B to confirm that the contract equipment shall have the intact state as tested by the test vehicle before the equipment is shipped.

    This test should include the following items:

    All moving parts shall be checked for the rationality of the action and the correctness of the work sequence under manual conditions;

    Electrical, cooling and transmission systems should be in good condition;

    The equipment should be operated continuously for 60 minutes under normal conditions;

    During the continuous operation test, the stability and reliability of the operation of the equipment shall be observed and verified to comply with the normal operating conditions of the equipment;

    During the test, the cooling must be stable, reliable, stable, safe and leak free;

    Both parties should confirm and record the end of the no-load test.

    If there is any failure or failure of the contract equipment during the test, Party B must be responsible for solving these problems as soon as possible.

    2. Steel pipe induction heating furnace load test

    After the completion of the no-load test, the load test shall be carried out immediately under the guidance of the experts of Party B. The purpose of carrying out the load test is to verify the ability of the contract equipment to meet the requirements of Party A.

    2.1 performance test

      Perform the following tests while the device is operating normally:

    (1) Equipment failure assessment: Optional 3 types of steel pipes are continuously operated for 24 hours. If the equipment is fault-free, it is deemed to be qualified.

    (2) The temperature rise requirement meets the requirements (speed and temperature) of Table A of the Party A.

    (3) Temperature uniformity: The temperature error of the length direction and cross-section of the heated steel pipe is 10 degrees. The temperature error of the length direction and cross-section of the steel pipe of the incoming material is also 10 degrees.

    (4) The control system and measurement system must be stable and reliable.

     (5) Start performance test: start ten times, success ten times. If one of the unsuccessful attempts is allowed to perform another 20 tests, if one more unsuccessful, the item is considered unqualified.

    (6) Full power test: The full power of the equipment is not lower than the rated power.

     (7) Working frequency test: The working frequency does not exceed 10% of the rated frequency.

     (8) Computer performance test: including software test, hardware test and temperature display function to meet the design requirements.

    (9) Protection test: Add protection analog signals to the input terminals of each protection circuit one by one, and observe the protection signals on the intermediate frequency power supply and the industrial computer.

    (10) Total heating efficiency test: The total heating efficiency is not less than 0.55.

    (11) Sensor replacement time test: The single sensor replacement time is no more than 10 minutes.

    (12) IF power supply parameter test: The parameters of the intermediate frequency power supply should conform to the design value.

    2.2 Acceptance assessment

    a. If the acceptance is up to standard, the warranty period begins from the date of compliance.

    b. If the above assessment indicators are not met, Party B shall rectify within an unconditional period of no more than three times.

    c. If the standard is still not met after the rectification, but it can still be used, the two parties negotiate and deduct the corresponding amount of the project payment as the concession acceptance condition.

    d. The acceptance of the equipment to the site of Party A shall not exceed three months at the latest.

    Both parties should confirm and record the end of the load test.

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