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    Industrial electric furnace technical information

    The principle of medium frequency induction heating is that the heat of the heated workpiece is generated by the workpiece under the action of electromagnetic induction. This heating method has the advantages of fast heating rate, uniform heating, high heating efficiency, little oxidation and good process repeatability. The medium frequency induction heating furnace is widely used in the pressure processing of metal materials and the heating process of heat treatment. The medium frequency induction heating furnace is composed of an induction coil, a furnace lining, a supporting fixed structure and a furnace shell. The induction coil is made of a copper tube with a rectangular cross section. The copper tube is cooled by water during operation; the support structure and the furnace shell are made of non-metallic materials with high strength, high temperature resistance and non-flammability.

    This equipment has only two sets each power 250kw frequency 1KHz and 300Kw2.5KHz of 16 specifications of 16 station frequency induction furnace to meet different specifications of the ends of the heating pipe. Two trolley . 1 No. Furnace and 2 No. furnace power respectively 250kw / 1000HZ and 300kW / 2500 Hz . The center distance of the two IF induction furnaces on each trolley is 1150 mm and the center is 1000 mm above the ground . Each of the four furnaces is equipped with its own intermediate frequency power cabinet and capacitor cabinet. The 16 IF induction furnaces have the same dimensions and mounting interfaces to ensure that the IF induction furnace can be replaced quickly .

    Medium frequency induction heating furnace technical parameter table



    No. trolley

    No. trolley



    No. heating furnace

    No. heating furnace

    No. heating furnace

    No. heating furnace

    Power ( kw )




      300 ,


    Frequency ( khz )






    Heating temperature (< )

    Room temperature ~ 750

    700 to 1250 \ 10

    Room temperature ~ 750

    750 to 1250 \ 10


    Cooling water volume ( m 3 /h )

    1 5




    External circulation water

    Cooling water pressure ( Mpa )

    0.1 to 0.4

    0.1 to 0.4

    0.1 to 0.4

    0.1 to 0.4



    2 , capacitor cabinet

    The capacitor cabinet is welded by angle steel, and an insulating plate is arranged around and at the top, and a capacitor is mounted therein. The capacitor is a water-cooled electric heating capacitor that acts as a power compensation. The capacitor cabinet is fixed to the trolley and connected to the intermediate frequency induction furnace through a water-cooled cable installed in the top stainless steel towline. (Capacitor parameters are shown in the furnace number diagram)



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