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    Electric furnace technical information

    1, look at the manufacturers - reliable, professional manufacturers are a prerequisite for good configuration

          Round steel induction heating furnace is different from ordinary metal heating equipment, requiring configuration manufacturers to have more mature experience. When choosing the intermediate frequency forging furnace, the focus is on the strength, after-sales, reputation, etc. of the manufacturer. The quotation is only second. Therefore, a set of medium-frequency forging furnace with poor quality is cheaper and the user will not buy it. On the basis of quality assurance, choose a more affordable price and more affordable equipment.

    2, look at the production capacity - to meet the demand for capacity is a good configuration

           In the configuration of round steel induction heating furnace, it is necessary to fully consider the user's time production, workpiece characteristics, discharge specifications and other requirements, only the configuration that meets its own capacity needs is a good configuration. It can be equipped with different types of forging presses, rolling mills, shearing machines, etc. The combinations are various and the configuration forms are different. When configuring, it is necessary to see whether the production capacity can meet the needs of users, and the appropriate ones can generate higher profits.

    3, can provide you with satisfactory configuration, perfect service

           Round steel induction heating furnace realizes integrated operation of feeding, heating, temperature control and discharge, safe and reliable, adopts all-steel ship structure, and configures PLC control system, integrates digital control technology, automatic feeding design, and adopts energy-saving motor. To achieve the excellent performance of the power system, with noise reduction and energy saving features, in addition, the machine is also equipped with a complete environmental protection device to achieve green and environmentally friendly operations.

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    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan