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    Electric furnace technical parameters

    the shape of the induction coil of medium frequency furnace 

    The induction coil hollow copper tube is generally made of electrolytic copper material, and has a circular shape, a rectangular shape and other shaped tubes. Intermediate frequency furnaces generally use rectangular tubes.

    The induction coil of our medium-frequency induction melting furnace is made of eccentric rectangular copper tube. The inductor made of this eccentric rectangular copper tube can increase the efficiency by at least 5%. We know that for medium frequency electric furnaces, the electrical loss of the electrical part accounts for about 8% of the total power, while the loss on the induction coil and the water-cooled cable accounts for about 28% of the total power.

    According to the three main effects of the intermediate frequency (skin effect, ring effect, proximity effect), the current flowing through the induction copper tube flows 95% from the inside (see the figure below), and the outer side and the upper and lower sides can only actually It acts as a water-cooling function, and the inner side really takes on the heavy responsibility. Therefore, lowering the inner resistance value will definitely reduce its own loss. If the inner resistance value is lowered by 2-2.5 times, then according to the calorific value Q=current I The formula of square 〜 resistance R 〜 time T can be concluded that the electrical loss can be reduced by 2-2.5 times. In this sense, the operational efficiency of its equipment has increased. According to this, we can also reduce the cost of the closed cooling tower of the cooling furnace body (after the cooling amount is reduced, the equipment selection is also reduced)


    The induction coil is made of a mica tape and a immersion varnish . The exterior is coated with a layer of gray insulating varnish. The insulation layer has a withstand voltage greater than 5000V. The induction coil is fixed by a series of bolts and insulating stays welded to its outer circumference. After the coil is fixed, the pitch error of the coil is not more than 2 mm. The induction coil is designed to take into account the influence of the inherent length of the copper tube. The welding and the water-conducting part of the copper tube are combined, so that each group of induction coils is wound with the entire copper tube without internal welds. A stainless steel water cooling ring is arranged on the upper part and the lower part of the induction coil, and the purpose is to make the lining material uniformly heated in the axial direction and prolong the service life of the lining. At the water outlet of the induction coil, several water temperature probes are installed according to the water path. When the water temperature of a certain road is blocked, the alarm can be immediately issued, and the intermediate frequency power supply can be automatically stopped.

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