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    Industrial electric furnace technical information

    3 major misunderstandings when purchasing induction heating furnace

    In order to meet the requirements of product precision and production output, metal heating manufacturers are increasingly demanding induction furnaces. In the metal heat treatment, induction heating equipment occupies a dominant position. Choosing a suitable induction heating furnace is crucial for the efficiency improvement of metal heating manufacturers. However, at present, many metal heating manufacturers do not understand the professional knowledge in this area. There are serious misunderstandings in the purchase and process configuration and price of induction heating furnaces. It is often not the choice of induction heating furnace according to their own needs, resulting in production line efficiency. Low, high failure, and bring a lot of damage to itself. In the induction furnace purchase, we must understand that there is no versatile equipment, nor a versatile technology, only in accordance with their own actual conditions and heating process needs, choose the right equipment and match the appropriate production line, is a good choice.

    Let's take a look at the common mistakes in the induction furnace:

    1. Mistakes in brand purchase. When many metal heating manufacturers choose induction heating furnaces, they blindly pursue foreign brands. In fact, several kinds of induction heating furnaces, such as bar forging furnaces, steel tube heating furnaces, steel heating furnaces, steel billet heating furnaces and other domestic brands and foreign brands The quality and performance are basically the same, and often the after-sales maintenance of foreign brands can not meet the needs of speed, so do not deliberately pursue foreign brands when purchasing, if excessive pursuit, then invisibly will increase the cost.

    2, blindly pursue the low price. Many metal heating manufacturers only purchase low-cost induction heating furnaces when purchasing induction heating furnaces. The induction heating furnaces can save the cost of equipment purchase, but the production parameters marked by low-induction induction heating furnaces are often not as good as high prices. In particular, there are some small manufacturers in the induction heating furnace production market. For their own benefit, the inferior equipment is shoddy and then sold at a very low price. Regardless of the after-sales aspect, some customers who are unfamiliar with induction heating equipment are eager for it. The low price has led to the scam of these manufacturers. Be sure to pay attention when purchasing, the price is not necessarily good, the price is low, how about its after-sales service? Is the induction heating furnace sold for renovation? What are the various configurations of induction furnaces? Does it help with on-site installation? How long does the warranty last? Do you train a full-time operator? These should be the focus of our consideration when buying induction furnaces.

    3. Mistakes in the selection of the configuration. When we select the type of induction furnace, we must also consider the configuration of the induction furnace. Many customers often choose to match when they choose. In fact, this is completely unnecessary. The specific choice of induction heating furnace needs to be determined according to its actual material and precision requirements. Blindly ask for anything to add.

    To this end, in the purchase of induction heating furnaces, we must first understand their own needs, according to their actual heating conditions to choose the right, in order to achieve better quality and obtain the best benefits. The selection of the induction heating furnace and the design of the heating process must be in line with the self-heating requirements. It is not necessary to copy the hard sleeves, and the special configuration of the induction heating furnace can be selected to make it more suitable for production, and the equipment capacity can be used to reduce the cost. Increase efficiency


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