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    Electric furnace principle

    Tubing end heating equipment

    The tubing end heating device is composed of medium frequency induction heating furnace, capacitor cabinet, trolley, hydraulic cylinder, water bag group, trolley, stainless steel towline, water and electric oil pipeline and intermediate frequency power cabinet.

    This set of equipment has two trolleys, each of which is placed on a rail laid on the ground, driven by human power, and has a positioning screw device. There is a small car on each trolley. The chassis of the trolley is welded by angle steel, and the small wheel is a V-shaped groove wheel to ensure the smooth movement of the trolley. The chassis of the car is equipped with a worm lifter, and a large bottom plate made of an epoxy plate is fixed on the lifter. To ensure the smooth rise and fall of the large floor, the large floor and the car chassis are positioned by linear slide rails. A medium-frequency induction heating furnace is installed at each end of the large bottom plate. The trolley can be moved forward and backward along the track fixed on the trolley under the push of the cylinder. The intermediate frequency induction heating furnace is fixed on the small bottom plate by four bolts. The large bottom plate can be raised or lowered by the manual lifter, and the small bottom plate can pass through the wire. The rod moves left and right to adjust the center of the intermediate frequency induction heating furnace in the working position. Each IF induction furnace is equipped with a capacitor cabinet. The capacitor cabinet is fixed on the trolley, and the capacitor cabinet is connected with the medium frequency induction heating furnace through a water-cooled cable. One end of the water and oil pipeline is connected to the equipment on the trolley, and the other end is connected to the water supply pipe joint in the intermediate frequency power cabinet and the trench. The connection between the capacitor cabinet on the trolley and the intermediate frequency induction heating furnace and the water and oil connection between the trolley and the ground are respectively installed in the stainless steel towline.

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    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan