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    Electric furnace principle

    Steel pipe medium frequency heat treatment equipment performance and technical requirements

    1. Realize the functions of feeding, conveying, heating, quenching, tempering and cooling of multi-standard seamless steel pipes.

    2, steel tube normalizing, quenching heating the highest temperature 1100 C, generally 850 C ~ 980 C

    3, tempering temperature: 550 C ~ 720 C

    4, the heating temperature of the steel pipe is uniform, the maximum temperature difference between different parts of the same steel pipe: quenching 10 C, tempering 8 C, radial 5 C

    5. The products after quenching and tempering meet the AP1 standard and the Angang enterprise standard.

    1.3.2 Equipment parameters and technical requirements of Party B:

    1, quenching, normalizing power is 5000 kw, frequency is 1000 ~ 1500Hz

    2. The tempering power is 3500 kw and the frequency is 1000~1500Hz.

    3, inlet water temperature: 0 ~ 35 C

    4, the water temperature is less than 55 C

    5, water pressure 0.2 ~ 0.3MPa

    6, air pressure 0.4Mpa

    7, the use of the environment:

    1 indoor installation: the equipment is well grounded, the grounding color is obviously different from the control line (the grounding color is yellow), its cross-sectional area is >4mm2, and the grounding resistance is 4.

    2 The altitude should not exceed 1000 meters, otherwise the rated value will be lowered.

    3 The on-site ambient temperature does not exceed +40 C, the lowest temperature -20 C

    4 air relative temperature 85%

    5 no severe vibration, no conductive dust, no corrosive gases and explosive gases

    6 installation inclination is not more than 5 degrees

    7 installed in a well ventilated place

    8 grid requirements:

    a) 5000 kw + 3500 kw medium frequency power supply, the power distribution capacity is not less than 10200 kvA

    b) The grid voltage should be sine wave, harmonic distortion is not more than 5%

    c) The imbalance between three-phase voltages should be less than 5%

    d) The continuous fluctuation of the grid voltage does not exceed 10%, and the grid frequency does not change by more than 2 (ie should be between 49-51HZ)

    e) IF power incoming cable adopts three-phase four-wire system

    f) Incoming cable specification: 1250 kw, 180mm 2 3 (copper core) 1000 kw, 160 mm 2 3 (copper core)

    h) IF power input voltage: 380V

    i) Auxiliary equipment power supply 366 kw

    g) Auxiliary equipment power supply voltage 380V 10%

    1.3.3 Main technical indicators of water cooling system:, medium frequency induction heating power supply, water cooling cable, capacitor cabinet adopt FL500PB, Feng Shui exchanger for cooling. The heating furnace is cooled by net circulating water., the quenching liquid is cooled by a pool and a cooling tower., the amount of water in the quenching liquid pool is 1.5~2M3/h.

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