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    Electric furnace principle

    Why is your steel plate induction heating not ideal? Steel plate induction heating equipment is also the end result that will affect quenching and tempering.


    The hot-rolled bar after medium-frequency induction heating quenching and tempering is obtained by rapidly heating the austenite quenched to a very fine martensite structure and obtaining a fine tempered sorbite by high temperature tempering. This tempered sorbite has high tensile lightness and yield strength while also having good shape and toughness.


    Steel plate induction heating quenching and tempering are double heat treatments of quenching and high temperature tempering, the purpose of which is to make the workpiece have good comprehensive mechanical properties.


    Induction heating of steel plates includes carbon quenching and tempering steel and alloy quenching and tempering steel. Whether it is carbon steel or alloy steel, its carbon content is strictly controlled. If the carbon content is too high, the strength of the workpiece after quenching and tempering is high, but the toughness is not sufficient. If the carbon content is too low, the toughness is increased and the strength is insufficient. In order to obtain good overall performance of quenching and tempering parts, the carbon content is generally controlled at 0.30~0.50%.


    The power of the equipment and the configuration of the main components are all factors that affect the billet heating furnace. It is recommended to find a few more comparisons, please also consult


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