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    Industrial electric furnace technical information

    The principle of automatic feeding and feeding system of round steel induction heating furnace


    After the workpiece is sent to the loading trough platform in advance (the design is placed once in a shift), the workpiece is sent to the guiding trough in front of the induction furnace by the loading cylinder, and the feeding cylinder is set again. The beats push the workpiece into the induction furnace for heating. The heating beat is controlled by a digital time relay with a control accuracy of 0.1 seconds.

    The quick discharge machine adopts a roller discharge mechanism at the outlet of the furnace. When the normal operation, the motor drives the roller to rotate. When the pushed blank falls on the roller of the roller machine, the rotated roller is quickly sent out to the forging press by friction. This greatly reduces the oxidation and cooling of the billet, while improving the production efficiency and reducing the labor intensity of the operator.


    The mechanical structural design strength is three times higher than the static pressure design strength.

    All mechanical parts adopt domestic famous brand pneumatic components, and the seals adopt imported parts.

    The mechanical mechanism is accurate in positioning, reliable in operation, reasonable in structure of the whole set of equipment, low in user input cost, small in maintenance, easy to maintain and maintain.

    The entire set of equipment takes into account the impact of ambient temperature on the equipment.

    The steel is produced by well-known domestic manufacturers.

    There are mechanical, electrical shockproof, anti-loose, anti-magnetic (copper or other non-magnetic materials connected) measures.

    Note: The workpiece guiding transfer (slot) between the discharge machine and the forging equipment is provided by the user.

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