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    Electric furnace industry news

    1. Medium frequency induction heating furnace has fast heating speed and less oxidative decarburization. The principle of induction heating of medium frequency induction heating furnace is electromagnetic induction. The heat is generated by the workpiece itself. The heating method has a fast heating rate, little oxidation and high heating efficiency. The process repeatability is good, the metal surface is only slightly discolored, and the slight polishing can restore the surface to the mirror surface, thus effectively achieving consistent material properties.

    2, high degree of automation, can achieve automatic unmanned operation, improve labor productivity.

    3, uniform heating, high temperature control accuracy, uniform heating, to ensure that the temperature difference of the heating core table is small, the temperature control system can accurately control the temperature to ensure product repeatability

    4. The replacement of the medium frequency induction heating furnace body is simple. According to the different size of the workpiece, different sizes of induction furnace bodies are required. Each furnace body is designed with a water and electricity quick-change joint, which makes the furnace body replacement simple, fast and convenient.

    5. Complete equipment protection. The medium frequency induction heating furnace is equipped with water temperature, water pressure, phase loss, over voltage, over current, voltage limiting / current limiting, starting over current, constant current and buffer starting, so that the equipment starts smoothly and the protection is reliable and rapid. ,run smoothly.

    6. The medium frequency induction heating furnace has low energy consumption, no pollution and high heating efficiency. Compared with other heating methods, it effectively reduces energy consumption, high labor productivity, no pollution, and equipment meets environmental protection requirements.

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