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    Electric furnace technical parameters

    10T intermediate frequency furnace detailed configuration list

    A, 10T intermediate frequency furnace is equipped with 5500kw intermediate frequency power supply cabinet as standard:

    1, the phase voltage: 1500V, DC output voltage 1900V, IF voltage: 2600V

    DC current: 3500A, power: 5500KW intelligent control system

    2, KK thyristor 1000A/2500V 66

    3, KP thyristor 3500A/4000V 12

    4, air switch 2000A / electric 4

    5, installed copper row 160 mm 〜 18 mm

    B, KGPS-10T medium frequency electric furnace capacitor cabinet:

    Capacitor 4000KF/2500V 10 sets

    C, 10T steel shell furnace size

    2.8 m X 2.6 m, height 2.7 m, steel shell hydraulic tilting furnace system

    10T intermediate frequency furnace features:

    1, the phase voltage is up to 1500v, the DC voltage is high, which significantly reduces the loss of electric cabinets, transmission lines and power transformers.

    2, the intermediate frequency voltage is up to 2600V, and the booster circuit is adopted. The voltage across the induction furnace is as high as 5200V, which greatly reduces the loss of the induction coil and the water cable.

    3, special heat dissipation ring at the bottom of the furnace, the bottom of the furnace is durable, it is not easy to wear the furnace, and the loss at the bottom of the furnace is small; the booster circuit is used, the voltage at both ends of the electric furnace can reach 5200V (two times the output voltage of the electric cabinet), the water cable and the induction coil are lost. Small; 1500V phase-in voltage, reactor, installed copper row, phase-in-line cable loss; 1000A/2500V KK thyristor, three sets of KK thyristor in parallel, low power consumption, and purchase of KK thyristor during maintenance The cost is low.

    4, increase the steel shell furnace body, the maximum capacity of 13 tons.

    5, intelligent system, fast protection, simple structure, easy operation, easy maintenance and repair.

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    Tel:18037961302 Sales hot line ( 24 hours service): 18037961302
    Adress: Luoxin Industrial Park, Luoyang, Henan