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    Electric furnace technical information

    Everyone may have heard of the loss of personal injury and property caused by the explosion of the intermediate frequency furnace. Therefore, accidents should be avoided during the use of the intermediate frequency furnace. The safety management of the intermediate frequency furnace is very important. It is necessary to prevent leakage accidents, overflow of molten iron, and furnace. The occurrence of bottoming and even explosion accidents, the following introduces you to the common problems of medium frequency furnace safety management:


    First, wear a furnace explosion


    1. Cause of the accident

    1 The cooling time of the molten iron is too long and the cover is closed, and it is again heated by the heat. The extrusion lining causes the molten steel to pass through the crack during the melting process of the lining, causing the furnace to pass through, or ejecting from the knot, causing the furnace accident.


    2 With the increase of the age of the furnace, the volume of the lining becomes larger, the amount of molten iron in the furnace increases, the lining of the furnace is thin, and the local pressure cannot be withstood, which leads to the furnace.


    3 When the furnace lining is knotted, the local requirements are not met or the impurities are partially introduced, and it is not found, especially the ferromagnetic substance, which causes the above defects to pass through during the smelting.


    4 The furnace lining is quenched to produce cracks, and the molten iron passes through the crack during the smelting process.


    5 In the structure of the intermediate frequency furnace, it is feared that the coil column is not well fixed and loses the support for the lining. The furnace lining sways and cracks when the furnace is tilted.


    The unreasonable magnetic field distribution of the 6 intermediate frequency furnace will also cause local high temperature and will be worn at a certain point.


    2, treatment measures


    (1) Middle and upper leakage furnace


    The upper leaking furnace will splash due to the large difference from top to bottom.


    1 The power supply of the intermediate frequency furnace was cut off. Immediately after the dispatch, the rest of the personnel were evacuated from the scene to the safety zone for standby, and reported in a timely manner.


    2 According to the leaking furnace part, if the leaking furnace part is located at the front side of the intermediate frequency furnace, it is necessary to quickly dump part of the molten iron, so that the molten iron level in the furnace is lower than the leaking furnace part and then the furnace body is squared; if the leaking furnace part is located at the rear side of the intermediate frequency furnace, The coil circulating water inlet water valve should be quickly shut down, and the one-key tilting furnace will empty all the molten iron, and the emergency personnel will evacuate the site.


    (2) Middle and lower leakage furnace


    In the middle and lower part of the furnace, when there is more molten iron in the furnace, the molten iron overflows faster and the danger is greater. The medium frequency furnace body immediately stopped water, power cut, one-button tilting furnace, and all personnel were evacuated.


    Second, personal electric shock


    1. Cause of the accident


    Most of the electrical components in the IF control cabinet are exposed, and they are all high voltage and high current. During the heating process, people such as labor insurance may cause electric shock.


    2, preventive measures


    1 Connect the ground wire to the furnace body.


    2 Insulation facilities are installed around the operating surface of the furnace and the control cabinet.


    3 exposed bare copper bars and insulation protection, such as brush insulation paint, insulation between two copper bars and insulation.


    4 Operate in strict accordance with the regulations. In the process of feeding, repairing the furnace, building the furnace, overhauling, etc., the power must be cut off, and the labor insurance is fully worn (labor shoes).


    5 When performing maintenance on the capacitor, discharge treatment must be performed.


    6 Do not touch any electrical components in the IF cabinet at will.


    7 Set a barrier around the charged body and post a warning slogan.


    Third, burn accident


    1. Cause of the accident


    The temperature of molten iron is as high as 1,400 degrees, and it is easy to cause scald scald in case of moisture.


    2, preventive measures


    1 Avoid contact between molten iron and moisture or water. When there is molten iron in the furnace, the added materials must be dried. The tools before the furnace must be preheated before use. Pay special attention to the workshop environment during rain and snow. Pay attention to the moisture-proof and waterproof materials when storing raw materials such as phosphorus pig iron. Measures.


    2 Standardize the operation of employees, and labor insurance is fully equipped.


    3 When adding phosphorus pig iron and other materials, it is strictly forbidden to throw hard or throw at a long distance to prevent the hot metal from splashing and scalding.


    The above is the introduction of the common problems of the safety management of the intermediate frequency furnace. All enterprises should do a good job of the intermediate frequency furnace emergency plan, assign a special person to use the intermediate frequency furnace, and carry out detailed training to limit the accident.


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