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    Electric furnace industry news
    Water Cooled Cable is a water-passing cable for special cables for high-current heating equipment. It is usually composed of three parts: electrode (cable head), wire and outer sheath tube.

    1 , Introduction

    Ordinary water-cooled cable electrodes are made of copper tubes and copper bars, which are not tightly connected with the equipment; the wires are made of bare copper wire and have a large bending radius; the outer sheath tube uses ordinary rubber hoses with low withstand voltage; casing and electrodes It is fastened with ordinary clamps and has poor sealing performance and is easy to leak.

    The electrode of high-quality water-cooled cable is made of integral copper rod car and milling, and the surface is passivated or tin-plated; the wire is woven by tinned copper stranded wire or enameled wire by CNC winding machine, which has high softness and small bending radius; The outer sheath tube uses a synthetic rubber tube with a reinforcing cloth layer and has a high withstand voltage. The bushing and the electrode are cold-squeezed and fastened on the professional equipment using a copper clamp, which has good sealing performance and is not easy to leak. ,

    2 , the main parameters

    Soft conductor cross-sectional area in mm2

    Current carrying capacity in units of A

    Rated voltage in V

    Cooling water flow in m3/h

    Minimum bending radius in mm

    Geometric mean radius GMR in mm

    Working water pressure, the unit is Mpa

    Length in m

    Weight in kg

    3 , performance requirements ,

    The outer sheath hose of the water-cooled cable has a breakdown voltage of V จR 2300V .

    The water-cooled cable outer sheath hose is resistant to working water pressure P จR 0.6Mpa .

    There is no leakage of cooling water at the interface between the outer sheath hose and the electrode.

    The soft wire and the electrode are cold-squeezed and fastened on a special device.

    The test tensile force of 200mm2 nominal cross-sectional area is 15KN . On this basis, for each 100mm2 increase in the nominal cross-sectional area of the water-cooled cable , the test tensile force value increases correspondingly , adding 5KN .

    The maximum surface temperature rise (including the joint) of the water-cooled cable is not more than 40K .

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