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    Electric furnace technical information

    A, selected intermediate frequency furnace principle

    1, considering the yield of each month. Tonnage of the election and the future development of intermediate frequency furnace.

    2 , consider the single weight of the casting . Small castings do not need large tonnage of the intermediate frequency furnace

    3 , consider the transformer monthly fee

    4, when the power-saving furnaces IF

    5, the line voltage of 380V frequency furnace, 575 V, 660V, 750V, 1000V and other models

    B , classification of intermediate frequency furnace

    1, divided by the supply voltage:

    1. high pressure furnace, KGPS intermediate frequency power supply , 12- pulse intermediate frequency power supply , 24 pulse intermediate frequency power supply Above 660V power supply, power-saving features fast

    2. ordinary furnace, with KGPS intermediate frequency power supply 380V power supply, features: high electricity costs

    3 , one for two classification: 1 one for two parallel, features: low price, high electricity costs ,2 one belt two series, features: high price, power saving

    4 according to the furnace shell points : 1 aluminum shell furnace . Features more faults

     2 steel shell furnace features less failure

    Third, the intermediate frequency furnace tonnage is equipped with transformer power

    Capacity ( KG )

    Power ( KW )

    Supporting transformer ( KVA )


    200 KW



    400 KW



    600 KW

    500 KVA


    8 00KW

    600 KVA -800 KVA


    1 2 00KW

    1250 KVA -1500 KVA


    1800 KW

    1500 KVA -1800 KVA


    200 0KW

    1800 KVA -2000 KVA


    500 0KW

    3000 KVA -5000 KVA

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