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    Electric furnace technical information

    1. Adopt IGBT inverter power device, high efficiency and energy saving, easy to control heating. The heating current value and the heating voltage value can be set, and the current, voltage, power and frequency are all displayed. The operation is intuitive, simple and convenient.

    2. The medium frequency induction heating furnace utilizes the principle of electromagnetic induction to penetrate non-metallic substances and induce heat to any metal in a non-contact form.

    3. It can be controlled manually or automatically by using the automatic control panel time. According to customer requirements, an infrared controller can be additionally configured to make heating more intelligent.

    4. The machine has several self-protection functions: over-voltage, over-current, under-water, over-heat, high-frequency, low-frequency, lack of phase protection, etc. Any artificial mistakes in the operation, the machine immediately alarms automatically to protect the life of the machine itself.

    5. The traditional intermediate frequency parallel resonant structure is adopted, and the frequency range is large. From 1KHZ-20KHZ, it can be matched according to the specific heating workpiece size or the depth of heat penetration, and the adaptation range is large. Load matching is simple, equipment efficiency is high, and utilization is high.

    The unique advantages of the 500KW medium frequency induction heating furnace :

    1. The heating temperature is high and it is non-contact heating;

    2. The heating temperature is fast the surface of the heated workpiece has less oxide layer and the workpiece has less deformation;

    3. The temperature is easy to control - the product quality is stable;

    4. It is possible to accelerate the heating of the secondary deformed workpiece at any time to meet the process requirements;

    5. High heating efficiency - energy saving;

    6. Can be locally heated - good product quality and energy saving;

    7. Easy to operate and easy to achieve automatic control - save labor and save labor;

    8. Less work area - high production efficiency;

    9. It can heat all kinds of workpieces and use a wide range of surfaces;

    10. The effect of environmental protection is good - almost no heat, noise, dust, etc.;

    500KW medium frequency induction heating furnace applications;

    1. Heat treatment: high-frequency heat treatment of various auto parts, high-frequency quenching, annealing, quenching and tempering, various hand tools, hardware, gears and shafts.

    2. Forging type: rapid heating forging of various standard parts, fasteners, shafts and bars.

    3. Welding: various woodworking tools, saw blades, sawtooth, mining drill bits, picks, mechanical turning tools, planing knives, drill bits and other alloy tools, diamond tool welding, and various instruments, meters, watches, glasses High frequency brazing.

    4. Melting class: melting and casting of various precious metals.

    5. Other occasions requiring heating: such as gears, bearings, thermal assembly, etc.


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