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    Electric furnace technical information

    Party A Party B commissioned the production of 1 tons IF melting furnace ( two aluminum furnace ) 1 sets the issue through friendly consultations the two sides reached the following agreement:

    A, equipment composition:

    KGPS-500 / 1.0 frequency power supply 1 units 

    , IF capacitance cabinet Taiwan

    1000KG aluminum melting furnace body (aluminum shell) set

    , mechanical tilting device two sets

    set of tilting furnace control box  

    water-cooled cable ( standard two sets

    set of water dispenser 

    8. Connect set of copper bars 

    , an iron mold having    two

    B, 1 ton intermediate frequency melting furnace main technical parameters:

    , rated power: 500KW

    , rated frequency: 1000HZ

    , temperature: 1600 < C

    , with overpressure, overcurrent, phase loss, water pressure and other protection functions.

    , using the latest constant power control circuit.

    , Party B should provide technical drawings and FIG installed base, product manual, certificate.                                         

    8. Party A shall provide 10 cubic meters per hour of water source with a water pressure of 0.2 to 0.3 MPa .

    , Party A should be equipped with 380V 50HZ , three-phase four-wire power supply  630KVA .

    C, commissioning installation and after-sales service:

    , Party B free on-site commissioning, staff responsible for the Party's free training.

    , B in the process of commissioning party should actively cooperate.

    , B-site installation guide Party.

    , the device warranty -year B to ensure that 24 response service within hours.

    D, acceptance criteria and time limit for filing an objection:

    1. Party B shall conduct the acceptance within days after the on-site commissioning of Party B. If the equipment is not accepted within days, it shall be deemed as acceptance.

    , during the acceptance to melt and the furnace for the period, such as melting furnace should be regarded as trouble-free acceptance.

    E. This Agreement is attached to the contract. Each Party A and Party B will hold one copy. If there are any outstanding issues, the two parties will resolve the dispute through negotiation.

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