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    Electric furnace technical information

    A typical induction and quenching production line can reach a capacity range of 4~15t/h or even larger, usually consisting of the following parts:

    1 A finishing / feeding table that organizes the long bundles and feeds a single tube / rod into the next roller table .

    2 A system consisting of several ^specially designed ̄ roller tables for individual processing of pipes / bars throughout the heat treatment process.

    3 A set of inductive frequency converters (usually using transistor IGBT technology) as the power source for austenitizing, tempering and holding areas at the correct frequency.

    4 A number of sets of inductors, each consisting of several individual heating coils through which the tubing / bars are heated for austenitizing and tempering processes.

    5 A quenching station, mainly including a "specially designed" sprinkler that sprays austenitized material.

    6 A cooling station rear receiving shelf for cooling the material coming out of the tempering zone in air and collecting it in bundles.

    On the quenching and tempering production line, it can process the thickened oil pipe at the end and the outer thickening casing.

    External thickening casing

    Fully take into account the difference between the weight of the pipe body and the thickened end (according to the size requirements of the API 5CT specification, the metric weight of the thickened end can be up to 60% higher than the metric weight of the flat pipe part ), and the correct austenitizing / tempering end The only possible way to thicken the tubing is to add a preheating system in front of the main austenitizing furnace and the tempering furnace.

    For this special austenitizing / tempering furnace production line, the thickened end preheater uses a specially designed IGBT intermediate frequency variable frequency power supply with a specially designed multi-turn heating coil. With a precise pipe tracking system, the position of the thickened end can be controlled and bottom-bottom docking. Through special design / manufacturing / tracking / control, the thickened end preheater will selectively pass through the end, depending on the thickened end / tube weight ratio, only the thickened end is heated to various required pre- Hot temperature.

    At the end of the thickened end preheater sensor (where the thickened end has been preheated to a uniform temperature while the tube is still at room temperature), the tube enters the main austenitizing / tempering induction furnace to continue the austenite Body formation / tempering process. The main austenitizing / tempering induction furnace uses a plurality of single-turn inductors to uniformly heat different parts of the pipe ( ie, the thickened end and the main pipe ) to the austenitizing / tempering temperature.

    In some special oil or gas well applications, the casing must be designed to withstand extreme environments, ie, with higher strength and leak resistance. These casing products usually have a typical outer diameter range of 127 to 273.05 mm , which requires thickening of the ends and is suitable for quenching and tempering.

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