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    Industrial electric furnace technical information

    Many people do not know how to use the induction melting furnace and do not operate it, which can easily lead to the failure of the induction melting furnace. Several common troubleshooting solutions for the induction melting furnace are summarized. Today, we will summarize the intermediate frequency power cabinet and induction for you. Melting furnace safety regulations:


    This regulation specifies the start-up preparations, intermediate frequency power supply operating procedures, inspections and normal shutdown operation technical requirements and precautions for a ton KGPS1200kw intermediate frequency power cabinet and induction melting furnace.

     Preparation for startup

    2.1  Check the inlet manifold valve in the closed position.

    2.2  Start the external circulation water pump in accordance with the water pump startup operation rules.

    2.3 After  checking the standby fire water valve is closed, gradually open the water inlet valve, observe stop the large valve when the indicated value of the pressure gauge is 0.2 MPa , and check the following items :

    2.3.1  Check whether the pressure gauge of the furnace is normal (the normal value should be 0.2 MPa ).

    2.3.2  Check whether there is any leakage at the joints of the tubes of the furnace body, and if there are, handle them in a timely manner.

    2.4  Start the internal circulating water pump and check its pipeline:

    2.5  Check whether the internal circulating water pressure is normal (normal value is about 0.15 MPa )

    2.6  Check whether there is water leakage at the connection between the IF power cabinet and the IF capacitor rack. If there is any leakage, handle it in time.

    2.7  Check whether the furnace lining is intact. If the following conditions exist, the induction melting furnace should be stopped to prevent furnace leakage accidents:

    2.7.1 When there are cracks in the transverse direction, the crack depth is greater than 3 mm .

    2.7.2  If the thickness of the furnace lining wall is less than 2/3 of the original wall thickness .

    The above preparatory work is completed, and operation of the IF power supply can be allowed only after checking that the startup conditions are met.

     IF power operation

    3.1  startup procedure :

    3.1.1  Turn the furnace selection switch on the IF power supply monitoring operation console to the left or right to correspond to the position of the working furnace body. Check above the capacitor to confirm that the connection position of the furnace replacement switch is correct and the conductive contact surface is in good contact.

    3.1.2  Close the external power switch of the power cabinet.

    3.1.3  Turn on the control power knob on the IF power cabinet, and the control power green indicator is on.

    3.1.4  Close the disconnect switch in the power cabinet with the rotary handle.

    3.1.5  Press the power on button, the power red indicator in the cabinet is on.

    3.1.6  Turn the power adjustment potentiometer counterclockwise to a small size.

    3.1.7  Turn the MF start switch to the right to turn on the IF start / stop switch.

    3.1.8  Slowly adjust the potentiometer potentiometer clockwise, and the power supply will start if the cooling water is not turned on to provide protection , observe that the indicators of the meters are normal, and adjust the potentiometer to the required power. When the full furnace cold furnace is started, the initial power should be controlled at about 300kW and maintained at about 40 minutes before sending high power to heat the cold material to about 900 < C. 

    3.2  Shutdown procedure:

    3.2.1 Turn  counterclockwise left-hand control power to OFF and slowly adjust the power adjustment potentiometer to small.

    3.2.1  Turn off the control power of the power cabinet, and the control power indicator is off.

    Q / YHA J SC050-2009

    3.2.3  Turn off the IF start power switch.

    3.2.4 Press the main power release button and confirm that the air switch in the power cabinet has been opened.

    3.2.5 equipment cooling water system at about 30 min after closing, before induction melting furnace without water because the water-cooled induction coil and each thyristor, a water-cooled bus bar and other electrical components need to be cooled to prolong the life of the device ;

    3.2.6 When the furnace is shut down for a long time, the pump must be stopped according to the operation steps of the pump.

     matters needing attention:

    4.1 When  operating the monitoring console, the power of the low-voltage power control box should be turned on first.

    4.2 When the  intermediate frequency power supply is working, the furnace body cannot be switched. When the furnace body is switched, the machine should be shut down first, otherwise the furnace switch will be burned.

    4.3 The DC voltage should not be operated at 600 V as much as possible , and it should be greater or less than this value during operation (the current of the induction melting furnace is + 1600 A ).

    4.4 When the intermediate frequency monitoring operation console, when the leakage alarm current is greater than 50 mA , you should pay attention to prevent leakage.

     hydraulic station operation

    5.1  Press the hydraulic start button at the low-pressure control box position.

    5.2  Operate the operation lever of the corresponding furnace body at the operation table position, and push the joystick forward to tilt the furnace body forward (when the hydraulic station is tilted forward, the furnace body should be minimized to work in the 95 position), and pull down the joystick to bring the furnace body back into position.

    5.3 When the  furnace body is returned to position, press the hydraulic stop button at the position of the low-pressure control box, and then return the furnace body to position.


    6.1 The  intermediate frequency electric furnace should be inspected for about 30 minutes of operation If it is found that smoke, water, discharge, and heating of the pipeline are found, it should be shut down in time. Busbar, IF power supply cabinet cooling, capacitors).

    6.2 During the  inspection, pay attention to the safety distance between the human body and the live conductors. Do not touch the live bus bar with your hands or carry metal tools to prevent electric shock.

     Note that after the induction melting furnace is shut down normally:

    7.1  Furnace cooling water (external circulating water) and other furnace temperature can only be stopped when the temperature in the furnace drops to 100 ≧. 

    7.2  If there is a sudden power failure during operation, the furnace body should be provided with standby cooling water within 5 minutes Open the fire water valve under the platform )

    7.3 The  induction melting furnace should be stopped after every working month, and all connecting bolts should be tightened; after each operating week, the induction melting furnace body and power cabinet should be dust-removed and cleaned.

    7.4 When  encountering a leaked furnace, the molten iron in the corresponding working furnace should be drained as soon as possible to prevent explosion.

    7.5  Each time molten iron is poured from the furnace, the molten iron with a capacity of more than 10% of the furnace body should be reserved to ensure the melting speed of the furnace under the induction melting furnace.

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