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    Electric furnace technical parameters(歌方

    The induction melting furnace is the main power source for steelmaking plants. Its reduction in power consumption can greatly reduce the power consumption of the entire plant . The specific power saving method of the induction melting furnace is as follows:

    Power saving method of induction melting furnace :

    1 Faster furnace saves electricity than slower furnace. The same set of equipment saves electricity faster than slower. The timing of feeding and tightness, and the size of the furnace will affect the melting speed. These points must be achieved with good power consumption at the same time. 

    2The feeding should take into account the ammeter to make the power as stable as possible. Make the device output as much power as possible. 

    3 Precisely control the temperature of the molten iron. Do not let the temperature be too high or locally too high. The high power consumption is not good for the life of the furnace lining. A good furnace worker can achieve high power saving. 

    4. Choose the right equipment. If the furnace is too large or too small, it may increase power consumption. The same large furnace saves power quickly, the same fast induction melting furnace saves power, and high voltage saves power compared to low voltage. The casting time also affects the power consumption, which is well controlled in 5-10 minutes.
    , do not need low-end equipment (also high price is good, after several agents after the high price after sale without long-term protection). The market competition is fierce. Some manufacturers cut corners and cut prices and compete at low prices. The worse the equipment, the greater the loss. For example, copper bars are not directly plated, and poorer and thinner copper materials are used. The equipment seems to start to work, but the power consumption will become higher and higher. How to buy IF furnace, what are the precautions? There are corresponding introductions.

    , the incoming line can not be saved, it must be large enough, otherwise the long-term loss is quite amazing. 

    7.  Develop a good startup habit, pull the power as much as possible and reduce the time for holding or baking. When the power is not full, the power factor is low and the loss is large. 

    8. Increasing the transformer utilization rate is also equivalent to saving electricity. A 630KVA transformer should be able to convert 13-15T tons of hot metal within 10 hours . If you can only produce 10-11 tons, your average electricity price must be higher than that.
    9、 Scientific oven. When drying the induction melting furnace, the cooling water of the induction coil should be kept small (only one-third of the normal amount of water can be used), and the water supply should be intermittent, and the temperature of the outlet water should be above 55 degrees to facilitate the smooth discharge of water vapor. time. Some furnace workers did not pay attention to this point, and used the normal water supply. As a result, the discharged water vapor condensed into the water and returned to the water due to the cold copper pipes. This resulted in a long oven time, electricity consumption, and bad results.

    Reference consumption: 
    molten iron: Fast 520-610 < t, slow 750-980 degrees ton 
    of molten steel: Fast 550-650 < t, slow 800-1000 degrees ton 
    molten copper: 310-360 < t , Fused aluminum: 200-260 degrees ton


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