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    Electric furnace technical parameters(歌方

    A, preheating process of induction melting furnace

    1. When the furnace is turned on for the first time, when the material is not discharged, the power is adjusted to a low level for a few minutes to allow the water on the surface of the crucible to fully volatilize and prevent the crucible from bursting during the initial use.

    2. After preheating, the temperature can be adjusted to the required temperature until it is stable. The purpose is to quickly pass through the crucible easy oxidation temperature zone.

    3. After the pre-heating, it is usually unnecessary to pre-heat. The crucible needs to be pre-heated again after each shutdown. If the crucible is wet again, it needs to be pre-heated.

    B, Preheating process of induction melting furnace

    1. Check the internal corrosion of the crucible, carefully check the bottom and inner wall of the crucible, and find that the depressions and cracks must be repaired in time.

    2. Inspect the furnace roof, furnace mouth and furnace cover. If sand and looseness are found, pay attention to trimming and tightening.

    3. Check whether there are iron beans, iron filings and other debris around the induction ring, if necessary, remove them.

    4. Check whether the connecting bolts of the induction coil and the insulation column are loose and fall off. If they are loose, tighten them. If they fall off, make up and tighten them.

    5. Check the water-cooled cable and the water-cooled circulation system of the induction coil to ensure that there is no leakage.

    6. Check the mechanical operation of the furnace body. If there is any fault, it should be removed in time.

    7. Accurately implement the given preheating specifications to prevent overheating and overheating.


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