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    Electric furnace technical information
        What are the daily and regular maintenance contents of the intermediate frequency induction heating furnace?

    I. Daily maintenance content (performed daily) 

    1. Thoroughly remove the oxide slag accumulated in the induction furnace, and carefully check the heat insulation furnace lining for cracks and damage. Find the problem and fix it in time.

    2. Inspect the waterway to ensure that the waterway is unobstructed, the return water is sufficient, and there is no leakage, and the water inlet temperature is not greater than 35 degrees Celsius. Find problems and deal with them in a timely manner.

    3. Observe the appearance of the varistor, protection resistor and capacitor in the intermediate frequency power cabinet, whether the fastening bolts are loose, whether the solder joints are de-soldered or soldered, and whether the intermediate frequency capacitor electrolyte leaks. If any problem is found, notify the maintenance staff in time.

    2. Regular inspection and maintenance content (once a week)

    1. Check the control circuit terminals, intermediate frequency capacitors, bronze medals and reactor bolts. Find loose and fasten in time.

    2. Clean up the oxide scale on the inside and outside of the lower furnace rack. Eliminate the accumulation of dust in the power cabinet, especially outside the thyristor die.

    3. Replace aging and cracked water pipes and rubber skin in time. To this end, the following specific requirements are proposed for the inverter thyristor to be replaced: the on-state voltage drop is> 3V, the tolerance is 0.1 ~ 0.2V; the gate resistance is 10 ~ 15Ω, and the trigger current is 70 ~ 100mA.

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