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    Industrial electric furnace technical information

    Induction melting furnace equipment is one of the indispensable processing equipment in the metallurgical industry. A large amount of flue gas is generated during smelting, feeding and tapping, and the most serious is the flue gas generated during smelting. According to the operation process of the induction melting furnace, it is economical, reasonable, and feasible to select the top-suction rotary hood capture hood to process the flue gas generated during the smelting process of the induction melting furnace. Our company's environmental protection professional and technical team has carefully studied the operating characteristics of the induction melting furnace and the characteristics of the flue gas generated by it. It has carried out structural transformation and technical upgrade of the dust removal equipment to achieve the most ideal dust removal effect and provide users with field surveying, design, production and after-sales service. As one integrated service.

    The air volume of the induction melting furnace should be selected according to the tonnage of the furnace and the actual smelting species. The general condition of a 1 ton induction melting furnace is between 3000-6000. Special working conditions such as copper, aluminum, and magnesium should be based on The maximum amount of flue gas during work is chosen. The induction melting furnace dust collector is a high-efficiency bag dust collector. Adopting dust-removing cloth bag to adsorb and filter the flue gas and dust, and the pulse valve has the characteristics of high-efficiency spraying and cleaning, which has been widely used and praised by users. The induction melting furnace dust collector is economical and practical, simple in structure, easy to install and convenient to maintain. It is mainly used for dust collection at small and medium dust points. The polyester bag is used. The inlet temperature is about 120 degrees Celsius and the dust removal effect can reach 99%. If there is a special purpose, a bag dust collector with high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance can be provided.

    The bag filter of the induction melting furnace is composed of a shell, a bag, an ash hopper, an ash discharging device, a bracket and a pulse ash cleaning system. The working principle is that when the dust-containing gas enters the dust collector from the air inlet, it first encounters the inclined partition in the middle of the air inlet, and the airflow turns to flow into the ash hopper. At the same time, the airflow speed becomes slower. The particulate dust falls directly into the ash hopper, and plays a role of pre-dust collection. The airflow entering the ash hopper then folds upward, passes through a filter bag with a metal frame inside, and the dust is captured on the outer surface of the filter bag. The purified gas enters the clean room at the upper part of the filter bag room and is collected in the air outlet pipe for discharge

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