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    Industrial electric furnace technical information

    1 The induction melting furnace part should have a furnace leakage alarm, cooling water pressure loss and cooling water overtemperature alarm and protection measures.

    2 The furnace body design must have a furnace lining ejection device with the function of quickly removing the furnace lining.

    3 The inductor must be wound on a special tool with a copper tube of T2 grade, and after the entire dipping, vacuum drying and other insulation treatment, the wall thickness of the induction coil is 5mm or more;

    4 The tilting system is hydraulic. The oil inlet requires a limited-speed shut-off valve. The furnace body tilting trunnion must have a good lubrication device to provide the first production oil (lubricating oil, hydraulic oil).

    5 hydraulic components hydraulic parts using the United States PARK company products.

    6 The intermediate frequency power supply should have protection measures such as overcurrent, overvoltage, phase loss, and water temperature and water pressure.

    7 The main circuit of the intermediate frequency power supply should meet the requirement that the output power knob can be started at any position, and the startup success rate must not be less than 99%

    8 The inverter thyristor used in the intermediate frequency power supply must use the products of Xiangfan Taiji, and ensure that the working current must not be greater than 50% of the rated current of the components.

    9 The furnace frame must ensure sufficient strength to prevent a series of problems such as short life of the furnace lining due to deformation. The lower part of the furnace shell is provided with a fixed support for the furnace lining ejection mechanism.


    10 The magnetic yoke is made of high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheets imported from Japan, = 0.30mm, low magnetic loss, clamped with stainless steel, and equipped with good water-cooling heat dissipation device.

    11 Water-cooled cable connection should be firm and durable, and easy to replace and maintain.

    12 The crucible mold is rolled from 6mm thick steel plate to ensure concentricity and flat welding surface.

    13 The hydraulic pump adopts a two-machine double-pump unit (one set of work and one set of spares), which must have an oil filter, an electric heater, and a hydraulic operating table, which can control the tilting of the furnace body within 0 to 95 degrees and the furnace lining The system works reliably and smoothly, without impact and crawling, the speed is adjustable and it can stay at any position.

    14 The closed circulating water cooling system of the induction melting furnace has a water temperature and pressure control and monitoring device and a flow monitoring function.

    15 Cooling water system: The power supply closed circulation water cooling system consists of water-water heat exchangers, internal circulating water pumps, pressure regulators, temperature, pressure monitors and water purification supplementary interfaces. Pipes, valves and other devices must be made of stainless steel and copper. production. There are two internal circulating water pumps (one for one purpose) to meet the requirements of electrical cooling. A quick shut-off valve is set at the cooling water inlet.

    16 The equipment is required to clearly put forward the requirements for the cooling water system and the emergency external circulation water supply plan, the treatment plan in the case of power failure in the factory, and the necessary supporting requirements.

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