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    Industrial electric furnace technical information

    Induction heating furnaces are one of the most common equipment in modern industrial production processes. Especially for the forging, the preferred equipment in the hot processing industry, the induction heating furnace has achieved an indispensable position due to its advantages of fast heating temperature and high production efficiency. Here, Xiaobian has compiled a note on the purchase of induction heating furnaces, and hopes to help customers who are about to purchase induction heating furnaces.


    First, look at the power while paying attention to the frequency 
      When the standard parts and other workpieces are heated, if the diameter is larger than Φ60mm, then it is the working range of the Induction heating furnacesYou must not only look at the size of the power, but ignore the importance of the frequency to select high-frequency equipment with the same power but higher frequency. This will lead to the phenomenon that the surface of the workpiece ^heats ̄ and the inside of the workpiece cannot be heated during the work process. Not only the work efficiency is greatly reduced, but also the life of the mold is reduced or even the damage of the mold is caused. The cost is increased invisibly, but the reason is unknown. 
    Second, select the model while paying attention to the power 
      Induction heating furnace, medium frequency heating furnace equipment, there are many similar names, and the parameters vary a lot. For example, a device with an input current of 120A is actually 80KVA . Input power 120KVA device is said to have " 120 machine." If you don't pay attention when you buy it, it's easy to buy it wrong, so that there will be problems during the future use. 
    Third, the output is as important as the input 
      in theInduction heating furnaces purchase process. Both the input and output parameters are very important, affecting the power consumption during the later use. High input means high power consumption. It is important to select the matching output input device according to the object to be processed and the required efficiency . So as not to cause waste of resources. Increased the cost of production.  

      Above is a summary of some Xiaobian buy induction furnace common problems, and the need for attention, induction furnace made for industrial equipment, the purchase must be cautious. Otherwise, it will not only affect the future production efficiency, but also the induction heating furnace that purchases the wrong parameters will waste materials and increase the cost invisibly. For detailed parameters of Induction heating furnaces, please consult Songshen Induction Heating Equipment Co., Ltd. for detailed answers.

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