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    Industrial electric furnace technical information

    Induction melting furnace forming furnace lining

    Forming furnace lining refers to the refractory lining for melting various metals in coreless induction melting furnaces by using a variety of unshaped refractory materials to be molded outside the furnace. The material of the forming furnace lining is mainly composed of high-purity corundum A1203, an appropriate amount of fused magnesium MgO, and a corresponding binder. Not only has excellent thermal stability, not easy to crack, but also has excellent high temperature resistance, not easy to etch. During the smelting process, it is widely used for smelting ferrous and non-ferrous metals because of the sintered layer of magnesia-aluminum spinel. The molding furnace lining adopts the method of mechanical molding outside the furnace for batch professional production, which has the advantages of large volume density, uniform particle distribution and good consistency of the finished product. In addition, due to the higher temperature baking, the forming furnace lining has a high surface strength, so that it does not need a long oven process to have a good resistance to electromagnetic stirring erosion.

    2 Advantages of Induction Melting Furnace Forming Lining

    1) Easy installation, saving time and effort, only about 20% of the time for lining the furnace lining.

    2) No oven is needed, energy saving and power saving, saving fuel cost, saving power by more than 15%.

    3) Fast melting, improve efficiency, increase active power, shorten melting time by about 10%.

    4) The molten steel is pure, reducing inclusions, preventing refractory materials from entering the melt and causing inclusions, and reducing porosity.

    5) Simple maintenance and quick replacement, just simple maintenance and repair, just like replacement of mechanical parts.

    6) The furnace age is longer and the water output is large. The steelmaking is more than 100 times and the coppermaking is more than 200 times.

    7) High safety, avoid furnace penetration, adopt double-layer furnace lining composite structure, effectively prevent steel penetration.

    8) stable life, easy to schedule production, good life consistency, and convenient production planning.

    9) Reduction of emissions, environmental protection, safety lining can be reused, reducing waste emissions.

    3 Installation shape of induction furnace lining

    The forming furnace lining is installed embedded in the ramming layer.

    The grate forming lining and safety lining form a complete lining. This double-layered composite furnace lining has the ability to adaptively adjust volume deformation. A series of forming furnace lining products with a molten steel capacity from 25Kg to 5000Kg have appeared on the domestic market, which can be widely used for smelting various ferrous and non-ferrous metals and their alloys.


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