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    Electric furnace technical information

    Automatic temperature sorting device for intermediate frequency heating furnace

        Technical field

        The utility model relates to a device in the technical field of heat treatment, in particular to an intermediate frequency heating furnace temperature

    Automatic sorting device.

        Background technique

        At present, many intermediate frequency heating furnaces do not have temperature automatic sorting device, and there is no temperature automatic sorting device.

    The intermediate frequency heating furnace is difficult to control the product quality in the production process. With the continuous deepening of the quality system

    The requirements for quality are getting higher and higher. In the prior art, the operator uses an optical pyrometer or other

    The temperature meter reading indicates the value to understand the working temperature of the workpiece, and then manually adjust the rectifier thyristor ground control

    Angle (lift potentiometer) to change the input power of the furnace and control the temperature of the furnace. Obviously this kind of control

    The furnace temperature method is very inaccurate, and it only starts to adjust when the furnace temperature has changed significantly.

    Furnace temperature fluctuations are bound to be greater. The key to the automatic temperature control system lies in how to correctly measure the furnace temperature and make

    It is converted into an electrical signal. There are many measurement methods used in industry, and the methods used in induction furnaces are contact

    Type and non-contact type. In contact temperature measurement, in addition to the use of thermal resistance temperature measurement, non-contact optical height measurement can also be used.

    Thermometers, radiation pyrometers, photoelectric pyrometers and photoelectric colorimetric pyrometers. In the induction furnace for the multi-use infrared wavelength

    Class ground thermometer.

        At present, someone has set up the WDL-31 photoelectric infrared thermometer at the exit of the furnace for a distance of 1M1.5.

    Line temperature measurement. Because it is aimed at the furnace mouth, the measurement system of the thermometer is continuous measurement. But the material

    The end face measured at the furnace mouth will gradually be covered by oxide scale, so it is reflected in the rapid balance recorders

    The temperature record gradually decays, which affects the actual temperature measurement accuracy. The solution is to rely on PLC program control

    The new end face just exposed the measured temperature after a piece of material is pushed out, and the temperature is memorized in the calculation,

    Because the temperature at this time is the most real.

        Summary of the invention

        Aiming at the shortcomings and deficiencies of the prior art, the utility model provides an intermediate frequency heating furnace temperature automatic separation

    The sorting device makes it possible to accurately sort out the blanks with low temperature, normal temperature and high temperature.

    Materials, improve product qualification rate and reduce costs.

        The utility model is realized through the following technical solutions, including: baskets, slides, cylinders, stop blocks,

    Temperature measuring probe, PLC program controller, the inlet end of the slideway is set at the furnace outlet, and the outlet end is set on the basket

    Square, the cylinder is set in the slideway, the block is set in the slideway entrance, and the temperature measuring probe is set at the exit of the furnace.

    The temperature measuring probe is connected to the PLC program controller, and the PLC program controller is set in the furnace.

        There are three slides, the middle is the main slide, the left sub slide is the low temperature sorting slide, and the right

    The side chute is a high temperature sorting chute. The slide is made of channel steel.

        There are three said baskets, which are correspondingly arranged below the three slides. The baskets are distinguished by color codes,

    The yellow material basket means that low-temperature products are available, the green material basket means normal, and the red material basket means high temperature products are reported.

    Waste. A green material basket is set under the main slide, and a yellow material basket is set under the low-temperature sorting slide, and the high-temperature sorting slide

    A red material basket is set under the aisle.

        The temperature of the blank is measured by the temperature measuring probe set up at the exit of the furnace at the exit of the furnace, and then it is automatically transferred.

    The changeable electric signal is transmitted to the PLC program controller by the electric signal, and finally determined by the PLC program controller

    Whether to sort (whether to open the slide valve) when the next blank is pushed out, the blank will slide down along the way, assuming

    Normally, the valves on the left and right slides do not move, and the blank slides down the main slide in the middle.

        The utility model adopts the instantaneous temperature measurement synchronized with the pushing mechanism. When the pushing mechanism pushes out a blank

    At this time, the next billet just reached the exit of the furnace, and at this time the degree of oxidation of the billet was minimal.

    Reflects the most true temperature. Send the measured temperature to the PLC program controller for calculation and memory. In this way, even

    The measuring surface of the furnace port blank is gradually oxidized, and the measuring instrument value at this time will not gradually decrease. In charge

    When the second pushing mechanism moves, the entire measuring system measures the temperature for the second time.

        There are two cylinders, one for each of the low temperature sorting chute and one for the high temperature sorting chute.

        There are also two baffles, one for each of the low-temperature sorting chute and one for the high-temperature sorting chute.

    The warm and high temperature sorting slides are opened and closed respectively by the cylinder pushing the baffle.

        The chute is set at the exit of the furnace, and the furnace has a certain height from the ground (depending on the IF model). Billet

    The material is pushed out from the furnace mouth by the pushing mechanism, and slides in the slideway. During taxiing, the flaps are opened and closed respectively

    To determine the channel from which the material slides to the basket. If the detected temperature is normal, the PLC program controller will calculate

    After there is no instruction to point out, the baffle of the low-temperature and high-temperature sorting chute is opened because there is no signal, and the blank is directly taken from

    The vertical green channel slides down; if the detected temperature is too low, the PLC program controller sends out a low command signal,

    Make a cylinder behind the low-temperature sorting chute get a signal, and push the baffle on the fork of the low-temperature sorting chute to come

    Open the yellow channel, so that the unqualified blanks are accurately sorted through the yellow channel, and sorted along the low temperature

    The slideway falls into the yellow material basket; if the detected temperature is too high, the PLC program controller will send out a high command signal,

    Make another cylinder behind the high-temperature sorting slide get a signal to push the baffle on the fork of the high-temperature sorting slide

    To open the high-temperature sorting chute, so that the unqualified blanks are accurately sorted out through the high-temperature sorting chute.

    The high temperature sorting chute falls to the red basket. Only the material that falls into the green basket can enter the forging.

        After the unqualified blanks pass through each channel, the PLC program controller sends instructions to make the cylinder push all the baffles

    Reset and wait for the second operation.

        The utility model can accurately sort out the three conditions of too low temperature, normal temperature and too high temperature.

    Blank. When there is no sorting, the heating temperature of the punching frequency is determined by experience.

    During the working period, due to the fluctuation of the voltage and other reasons, the temperature of the material fluctuates greatly, which seriously affects

    Ring the product quality. With temperature sorting, the product quality has a reliable guarantee, which improves the product qualification rate.

    Up to 100% (the unqualified rate caused by the temperature change of the material).


    Figure 1 is a side view of the structure of the utility model


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