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    Electric furnace technical parameters(歌方
        Continuous furnace for intermediate frequency heat treatment of shaft products
    The technical field is the field of heat treatment industry, which is a kind of high efficiency heat treatment that can realize continuous production by medium frequency heating.
    Background technique
        The current intermediate frequency heating and quenching is generally a vertical structure, and the heat treatment of shaft parts cannot achieve the same overall structure.
    When heating and quenching the whole at the same time, the quenching and tempering and annealing of shaft parts cannot be achieved. The quenched workpieces are due to
    The inconsistency of the running speed often results in the inconsistency of the hardness of the quenched surface of the workpiece and the poor quality of the product.
    To solve the above shortcomings, the intermediate frequency heating is changed to the overall one-by-one heating, which improves the product heating performance
    The uniformity of furnace temperature improves the quality of quenched parts.
    Summary of the invention
        It is mainly suitable for batch continuous heat treatment of shaft products. It mainly consists of three parts:
    Cylinder push rod type conveying mechanism, one-by-way intermediate frequency heating mechanism and lifting quenching material table mechanism. Shaft transport
    The row relies on the V-shaped track to move forward, the amplitude of the move can be adjusted by the cylinder, and it is calculated according to the frequency.
    Calculate the time required for each shaft in the heating process. The product is always fed in according to the required heating time
    Quench in the quenching liquid.
    detailed description
        The cylinder push rod feeding mechanism, push rod feeding track, intermediate frequency heating power source by track, track by track
    Intermediate frequency heating coil and furnace feeding rail composed of graphite and ceramics in each pass, as well as lifting and lowering quenching material table
    Mechanism, quenching liquid tank, etc. The entire system is automatically operated by a programmable controller. The operating method is
    It can realize continuous production

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