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    Electric furnace technical information

    Utility model induction melting furnace tilting bearing seat

    Technical field

      The utility model relates to a bearing seat, in particular to a tilting bearing seat on an induction melting furnace .

    Background technique

      At present, after the melting of the intermediate frequency induction furnace, the furnace body is driven by the tilting furnace mechanism connected to the movable support, and

    Turn around the tilt axis fixed on the upper side of the furnace shell, and pour "molten steel" into the mold and crucible. With IF induction

    The furnace is becoming heavier and heavier, and the furnace body is bound to produce a larger torque in the tilting shaft during the turning process, and the tilting shaft transmits

    The tilt bearing housing is passed, so that the internal stress of the tilt bearing housing increases.

      The tilting bearing seat of the common induction melting furnace mainly includes two parts: a horizontal connecting block and a vertical supporting block.

    The two parts are fastened by welding. Obviously, the welding will not be stiff enough under strong stress.

    There will even be misalignment and deformation, which will reduce the balance of the tilt axis, which will greatly affect the entire intermediate frequency during the flip process

    The stability and safety of the furnace body.

    Summary of the invention

     The technical problem to be solved by the utility model is to tilt the bearing seat of the current induction melting furnace mentioned in the background art

    There are shortcomings, providing an improved induction melting furnace tilting bearing seat, which has a strong rigidity to withstand the furnace body turning process,

    The stress transmitted by the tilting shaft effectively guarantees the safety and stability of the induction melting furnace .

    The technical solution used by the utility model to solve the above technical problems is as follows: an induction melting furnace tilting bearing seat, including water

    The flat connection block and the vertical support block are provided with bearing holes, and the whole is die-casted at one time.

    The tilting bearing seat of the induction melting furnace of the utility model can be formed by one-time die casting of steel castings.

    The integral improved structure of the tilting bearing seat of the induction melting furnace of the utility model improves the horizontal connection block and the vertical support block

    The rigidity between the two parts is small when subjected to large stress, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of misalignment and deformation.

    The balance of the tilting shaft is enhanced to ensure the stability and safety of the entire induction melting furnace during the turning process .


        Figure 1 is a schematic diagram of the utility model.


    Fig. is a schematic view of the utility model in use.


      1. Horizontal connection block; 2. Vertical support block; 3. Bearing hole; 4. Connection hole; 5. L" fixed bracket; .

    Induction melting furnace body.

    detailed description

        The specific implementation of the present invention will be further described with reference to the drawings. Figure shows the intermediate frequency of the utility model

    Schematic diagram of furnace tilting bearing seat, including horizontal connection block and vertical support block , which is provided on the vertical support block 2

    The bearing hole 3 is made of cast steel in one die-casting.

        Figure 2 is a diagram of the utility model in use. The horizontal connecting block is used to fix the " " shape of the front side of the induction melting furnace body.

    The fixed bracket 5 is connected and fixed, so a number of connection holes are provided on the fixed bracket; as shown in FIG. , this implementation

    Examples connection hole in two rows are arranged symmetrically in the vertical support block on both sides, a total of 12 is th. Induction melting furnace body solid in front

    The continuous tilting shaft passes through the bearing hole .

        Compared with the tilting bearing seat of the current induction melting furnace , the horizontal connection block and the vertical support block 2 in the present invention

    The non-welded surface connection between the two parts improves the rigidity and can effectively prevent misalignment and change when it can withstand large stresses

    The occurrence of the shape enhances the balance of the tilting shaft, thereby ensuring the stability and safety of the entire induction melting furnace during the turning process .


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