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    Electric furnace technical information
        3 ton induction melting furnace melting control system
    1. Technical parameters
    1. Performance and ratings (cast iron)
    a) System: Adopt advanced double string converter system: rectifier string + inverter string
    b) Rectifier structure: 6-phase bridge type full control 12-pulse rectifier
    c) Inverter structure: OTO redundant resistance safety control structure, dual-control dual-control series inverter (frequency modulation, phase modulation, dual power adjustment, voltage and current dual synchronization)
    d) Whole machine power: 2250KW, inverter single melting power 2000KW, heat preservation power 400KW. Logarithmic power distribution system, power is distributed arbitrarily.
    e) Furnace capacity: rated capacity 3000kg (cast iron).
    f) Rated power: 2000KW for melting. Heat preservation: 200KW
    g) Melting rate: +50 minutes/furnace (3T)
    h) Energy consumption: +520≧\5% (net cast iron, smelted to 1500≧)
    a. Transformer capacity: 2500KVA Model: ZS-2500KVA/10KV/0.575KV
    b. Power factor: −0.98.
    c. Startup success rate: 100%
    d. Inverter output frequency: 500Hz
    e. The whole machine relative to the voltage harmonics of the power supply system: <4% (National standard: 5%)
    f. Transmission: All motors adopt a new type of star-angle conversion soft-start energy-saving motor for full wave, and the protection level is IP54.

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